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Oct 4, 2000 01:33 AM

Off to Abuquerque!

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Yay--we're off to ABQ on Fri. for the Balloon Fiesta. After early morning flying, I'm always ready for a little...chow (what else). I've been harvesting recommendations off the board here, & look forward to lots of new edible experiences.

We're staying at Barcelona Suites uptown, so if any of you have any particular recc's for that area, send 'em along.



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  1. One recommendation not too far from your hotel is a pretty good Mexican(as in Old not New) It's called El Nortenio on Zuni.
    " Use it or loose it" comes to mind, when I mention that two bright spots you might have gleaned from former postings have closed. El Rodeo Taqueria in Bernallio is closed as is Cafe de Las Placitas in Placitas But the good news is, the Chef from Placitas has opened a new place in Albuquerque called Cafe Bodega. I haven't been yet but reports are good and it might be your best fine dining bet during your visit.I would also recommend another gem that is not very busy when we go( perhaps deja Bo?) It is a family owned Korean Restaurant called Fu Yuang on Eubank in Scottsdale Village( a small shopping Center)

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      Irwin Hoffman

      Cafe Bodega, on Montgomery, is highly recommended, only lacking a full-service bar, but it does have a fine wine bar.