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Oct 3, 2000 09:58 PM

Las Vegas dining

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I'll be going to Comdex in Las Vegas for a couple of days in November, and I'm planning on the places that shouldn't be missed. Since I have have an expense account of some sort, I'm hoping to go to some places I'd otherwise not consider (ie NO buffets). I think I can work in two dinners, two lunches, and a breakfast. Could anyone suggest some places that I should try? I'd probably avoid co-workers and dine alone, and like to stay on the strip if possible. I read the Las Vegas posts and I'm curious about Delmontico's in Venetian, Napa in Rio, La Cirque and Picasso in Bellagio, and a steakhouse called Prime, which I don't know the location. Any comments about those places? Thanks a lot!

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    Dave Feldman

    You might want to read Jonathan Gold's long article about Las Vegas in Gourmet or the current roundup. Gourmet (Jonathan?) lists Napa as the #1 restaurant in Las Vegas, and includes Picasso, as well (Prime, by the way, is at the Bellagio).

    I have to put another vote in for Lotus of Siam, which he refers to as the best Thai restaurant in North America, which is located on East Sahara Blvd., not that far from the Hilton. A search for the restaurant or Las Vegas will yield all kinds of other recommendations.

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      jonathan sibley

      I just had two meals at Lotus of Siam, and thought it was quite good. There are definitely some unusual dishes which were quite tasty (for example, the sour sausage salad with crispy rice). It isn't fancy at all, and if the kitchen can run out of some items at times, but the food is good.

      I also think that some of the resort chinese restaurants can be quite good. Some of them attract a large Chinese clientele, which is probably a good sign (although American restaurants attract a lot of Americans abroad, granted).

      Last year I ate at the upscale Chinese restaurant in the Mandalay Bay and it was quite good and had some unusual dishes.

      This year I had some tasty noodles at the noodle restaurant in the Venetian (round noodles with shrimp and XO sauce), as well as some tasty dim sum at the fancier Chinese restaurant in the Venetian.

      I noticed that a number of the restaurants claimed live spotted prawns that could be cooked a number of ways, which might be good.

      Anyone have much experience with the resort Chinese restaurants in Las Vegas? I have a feeling they merit a thread of their own.

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        I have not had much experience at the resort Chinese places. I have a Chowhound friend who comes from a very wealthy Malaysian family of high-rollers. She and her family are served customized comped Chinese meals in Las Vegas and she reports that they are excellent. I'll write to her and see if she has any specific recommendations.

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          There are extremely good Chinese restaurants in the Bellagio and Mirage, and fairly good ones in perhaps a half-dozen other hotels. The occasional Chinese gambler will drop $10 million at the tables in an evening, and if what that gambler requires is a great plate of chow fun and a bowl of shark's fin soup, it is not too great a price to keep the restaurant open at a loss the rest of the time.

          Unfortunately, unless you are that gambler, or are related to that gambler, the food YOU will be served will be nowhere near that quality. The restaurant just doesn't care. Noodles at the Bellagio is okay for a quick fix, but make sure to point at desirable looking plates in front of other diners instead of ordering from the menu.

          Better to go to the one-mall micro-Chinatown a few minutes away on Spring Mountain Road and take solace in food that is merely excellent--better, in fact than almost anything in NYC's Chinatown. I like 146 Shanghai, but Kim Tar is also reliably good.

    2. Comdex attendee, also--looking for good dining spots, maybe some less expensive than those listed above. please advise

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        The Bellaggio buffet is wonderful. Last time we went, they had rack of lamb to die for. It's about $20.