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Sep 12, 2000 03:36 PM

Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix

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I've seen this place recommended by many, and don't get me wrong, it's good. However, I take a holistic approach to grading a restaurant, and I like to assess the entire package. Food is extremely important, and great food is worth going to a great deal of trouble for, but how much is too much?

Bianco is an extremely low volume operation. On the occasions I've been there, Chris Bianco mans the wood burning oven and prepares the pizza himself. THe dining room, (from memory) seems to seat about 20 (ballpark). One time we were forced to eat at the bar, elbow to elbow with other folks who were standing at the bar waiting for tables to open. It's a tight little operation, but it has to be to maintain the quality. I just though you visitors would appreciate the fair warning, often when I'm traveling, I'm willing to put up with a little waiting, but there are limits.

They've stopped lunch recently, which I would take as a reason to expect yet more crowding at dinner. This stuff is pizza after all.

My wife manages to produce as-good results at home using hand kneaded dough, Fleishman's Yeast, fresh Mozzarella di Bufalo and three broken Saltillo tiles in our gas oven at home. And I always get a seat there.


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  1. I'm afraid that I quite agree. I live in Phoenix, go out to dinner frequently, but refuse to wait on line to go to the place. So I cannot comment on the food. I know many residents who feels the same way.

    Another local favorite, Bandera, is also very good and I have eaten there. However, I have a rule. If I'm not there by 5:30PM, I'm eating somewhere else -- preferably somewhere that takes reservations. I'd rather not carry a beeper until my table is ready. . .

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      I agree as well on this topic. I live in Ahwatukee and frequent a place called Caffe Boa at 51st st and Elliot Rd off of I-10. I always recommend it , the food, service, ambience, live jazz on friday and saturday is perfect. check it out down here sometime, it is always nice to find a place that is always consistent and good and you dont have to wait 3 hours to get a table.


    2. I agree, if you are ever in Ahwatukee area check out Caffe Boa down there, weekends have live music, food is incredible and prices are good, usually not a wait or at least not long wait. Patio dining is perfect as well,. cross streets are 51st st and Elliot Rd. off of I-10 in Ahwatukee.