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Aug 16, 2000 03:14 PM

Fine Dining in Albuquerque

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My husband and I are going to be in ABQ this weekend and would like to visit a fine dining restaurant on Friday night. What are some of the best restaurants in town? We've heard recommended Seasons, Antiquity, Petroleum Cafe, etc. We'd like someplace with great service, imaginative dishes, and nice atmosphere. Price isn't an issue.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give us!


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    The Rev. Canon John C. Fowler

    Dear Friends: It is just as well, and perhaps significant, that you received no answer to your request. "Fine dining" and "Albuquerque" do not compute (as the "in" crowd say). You must do your best in Albuquerque, and a Lubie's or Picadilly cafeteria are about the best you can do -- except, of course, that you can't get a martini in those places. Besides, enough good martinis, and concern for dining finely somehow fades in importance. Strange words from an aging Episcopal priest who can unfortunately no longer drink martinis (sugar content). I hope you ate adequately when you were there. That is the best to hope for. Best wishes, John C. Fowler

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      I actually found a more than adequate restaurant experience in a restaurant of Lomas called Portabello. The service was better than I get here and the food was delish.

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        Canon John C. Fowler

        Dear Holly: I have resisted this impulse to reply to your note of five days ago, but it has gotten the best of me. I presume by "restaurant experience" you mean dining. And by "delish" you mean delicious. I am simply checking. A young art teacher, some years ago, applied for a position at the Day School in my Tucson parish. She asked me how many "art experiences" the students had each week. I replied,"None, I hope, but they have three art classes a week." She did not get the position. Best Wishes, Canon Fowler

        1. re: Canon John C. Fowler

          "I have resisted this impulse to reply to your note of five days ago, but it has gotten the best of me."

          You really ought to have resisted the urge. Your comments are uncalled for and do nothing for this community except make it a meaner, more petty place.

          - VF

          1. re: VF

            I meant, of course, your comments about the writer's word choice. Your comments about food do indeed contribute to this community! I just don't think it's useful to comment on the writing style of the people who post here. It's content that we all come here for.

            - VF

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              Dear VF: I am relatively new to this site, and I am still taking its temperature, so to speak. It is a site for WRITTEN communication about Good Food. Nor are we writing about COOKING tasty food, but about KNOWING it when we eat it. The style of writing is not altogether irrelevant in matters of taste generally. I am sorry to give offense. I shall probably do so again on occasion. I have already told Mr. Leff that if my style does not suit the site (which is his, of course), I will certainly withdraw. I enjoy sharp debate. Many people, of course, do not. Fun (and I have found some genuine fun in this site) does not necessarily mean inaccurate writing. (I have not participated here only to find better food.) More messages on the site which agree with you, VF, will tell me what I want to know about Chowhound, which is the only site I have ever brought myself to communicate with for any extended period. I am a completely 20th Century man using an essentially 21st Century medium to see if I can make it work. And I love good food, more than is healthy for an elderly man in my condition! In good humor and with best wishes, both to you and to M. Holly, Canon Fowler

              1. re: Canon Fowler

                My, my, I have come back to quite a debate.'s my side.
                Yes, I used the word "delish" - maybe it wasn't the most colorful or the most descriptive word I could have used, but in the interest of time, I wrote it. In replying to my own question of fidning fine dining in Albuquerque, I wanted to convey in the quickest and most easily-read way possible that there was, indeed, a nice place for people to go, with...I'll use it in it's full form this time...delicious food and professional and friendly service.
                I'm not a restaurant reviewer, only a lowly television professional, so I'm not up-to-date on all the terminology foodies use. I love to be able to do so one day. (That's why I visited the site.) But ask me about how to write and format an Emmy-award winning drama and watch the words spew.
                Since a moderate amount of time has passed since I visited Potabello, I can't do justice to accurately describe the meal I had. But I am glad I had the chance to visit, and would recommend the same to anyone in the Albuquerque area.

    2. Search this board for divergent views on Scallo, an Italian restaurant in Nob Hill, maybe your best bet for Italian in town.


      1. This post is VERY stale, in that many months have passed since the last message in the thread, but I, just like Canon Fowler, feel compelled to reply.

        Have some tolerance, dude! Spitting fire does not become a priest.

        1. A year later...
          If Scallo is the Italian restaurant that's in Nob Hill, then I agree, it's a tasty, elegant place to try (it's been a while). I've had some pretty good experiences at Seasons, but I'm not convinced that the food really matches the prices. The decor--light wood and yellow textured walls--is nice, though. I love going to High Noon in Old Town--it has a diverse menu and it's very dark and New Mexican chi-chi. In Santa Ana Pueblo just north of town, there's the Prairie Star. I've heard it's great, but I haven't been there yet.