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May 28, 2000 04:40 PM

New Mexico

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Looking for tips on the best spots to eat (any cuisine) in Albuquerque, Carlsbad Caverns, White Sands, Santa Fe and Taos.

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  1. Chow Faves not Zagat types for:
    Albuquerque: Los Quates(the old , which is right accross the street from the new) Authentic New Mexican
    Rudy"s Bar B Q Carlyle off I40 Bulk meats good sauce and sides
    Nodas Japanese Restaurant: Rio Rancho a distant Burb well worth the drive
    Rodeo Taqeria:in Bernalio on the way to SF You'll think you're in Old Mexico
    Santa Fe: Daves Not Here: on Hickok St Great Greenchile Cheeseburger and diner fare.
    Harry's Roadhouse: Ecclectic world Cuisine Great desserts, great garden.
    India Palace: near the Plaza cheap delicious Lunch Buffet.
    Mu Do Noodles: Tasty creative noodle Bowls nice setting.
    White Sands: needs to be catered it's at the egde of the earth in the middle of nowhere.
    Carlsbad: Couldn't scare up even a good breakfast there last June sorry no Carlsbad tips. Enjoy! drink lots of water.

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      I have posted this place before. It is Danny's Dairy Queen in Carlsbad. This sounds strange I know that a Dairy Queen would be serving traditional, lst class barbecue. HOwever, it shouldn't be hard to believe by a "chowhound". But, it does and is known by thought highly of many "barbecuers", and Danny has their utmost respect. Check his site out and read what Danny has to say about BBQ along with some of his recipes. It is

    2. Datil, New Mexico, a small town in southwest NM has the largest sirloin steak, I've seen. Sorry I cann't remember the restaurant's name, but I think it is the only one in town.