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May 24, 2000 06:28 PM

Tucson: ANYTHING toothsome!

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I am homesick for deli/philly/something juicy and fattening and plentifully presented. Does anyone have some there a "Best of Tucson" in any category other than Mexican? I'm a little weary of Mexican. I'd give my right arm for a real N.Y. style pizza and midwest-truckstop style hamburger.

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  1. One of my memorable meals was when we visited relatives in Tucson about 5 years ago for Thanksgiving. Friday night we took them to Janos. I had the tasting menu, which was superb and then some. Here's their Home Page:

    1. Diane, for starters, take a look at my Tucson photo essay/report at the link below.

      You'd have found this, plus all Tucson-related board postings, by doing a search via the search box on our homepage.

      Hopefully you'll stir up some discussion here as well!