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May 7, 2000 04:05 PM

Albuquerque Restaurants

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Scalos in Nob Hill was one of the worst dining experience in my 37 years. I didn't even get to the food, since the attitude of the server was atrocious. When inquired about the selection of salad dressings (she only named two vinaigrettes), she rolled her eyes in her head and exclaimed that Vinaigrettes were the ONLY dressings. I was travelling with 9 of my closest friends most of whom itemize their annual business expenses. When the server was asked about splitting the check she claimed that splitting the bill was impossible. We asked if she could at least itemizing it, her reply was, "If you guys just want burgers and fries, you can go somewhere else." We got up and walked out. This server probably lost $50 in tips from us, and the restaurant lost at least $200 in food sales.

I would not recommend this restaurant. Maybe they should rename the area Snob Hill.

The Quarters on Yale got our business that night, and we liked it so much that we went back again two nights later and brought 8 more people with us. I would recommend the Quarters. The servers have a better attitude and don't get flustered with a larger group of customers.

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  1. I've enjoyed a few meals at the Quarters, none of them recently. My memory is of ordering a sampler platter that is so huge that it's just about impossible to eat the whole thing. Some Quarters locations have liquor stores attached, which is handy for someone like me who is looking for local beers. I believe they have a decent draft or two in the restaurants.

    My office (in DC) used to have a standing order for people traveling to Albuquerque, which was that the traveler had better swing by the See's candy store and buy something for the office.

    1. It really amazes me when wait staff are as mean as you describe. I actually had an equally horrifying experience at the Quarters several years ago (an isolated incident). The thing is, I absolutely must have Quarter's BBQ when I go to Albuquerque, so we made rude girl wait on us, enjoyed our delicious BBQ, and then paid our check directly to the manager--NO tip for our lovely server, of course. Maybe she was fired from the Quarters and went to work at Scalos! (ha ha)

      That one bad time out of hundreds aside, when I fly into Albuquerque next month and pick up my rental car, I will be making a beeline down Yale to the Quarters.