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Dec 22, 1999 09:29 PM

Portabella & Artichoke Cafe

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I really like this place, the food, the service...simply my favorite in ABQ.

I also enjoyed the Artichoke Cafe.
Both of these places were excellent...
What do people think?

Sante Fe, the city is for tourists...

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  1. Oh please explain! Me and my chowhounding honey are coming out there last week of Feb. Yes, we're staying in Tesuque but we will travel for good eats. Or at least stop on either trip to/from the airport.
    Can you or anyone recommend a place that's worth an overnight stay away from Santa Fe/Tesuque? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    1. re: Liza

      Artichoke is on Central in ABQ, which was once the old Rte 66. It's pleasant, marginally regional, and mildly upscale. I remember it being good, but I don't remember being blown away; certainly not worth a special trip. Never been to Porto Bello.

      But if you get sick of chunky turquoise jewelry and Kokopelli and chile ristras, you can head, um, I think it's north, on Central (away from downtown), toward the UNM area, where there's lots of collegiate funkiness, coffee shops (including a hoppin' branch of Double Rainbow, the ice cream joint, and, here its a lunch place too), and a little pan-Asian joint called Kanome, which VF and I absolutely adore. They have lots of tall, crunchy food, (they seem to like fried noodle garnishes a lot) and a most original and refreshing take on vegetarian food. Really great stuff: vegetarian "pillows," which were crispy wonton type things filled with yummy mixed veggies, and the best vegan soups I've ever had. It's not a vegetarian restaurant, though, and I haven't tried any of the non-veggie stuff. About half the menu is veggie. Prices are really reasonable -- no dish more than about $12.

      VF and I went to Kanome three times when we visited NM, the third time with (non-vegetarian) friends from Santa Fe, who liked it as much as we did.

      Also, head further up Central for a look at the great and funky old motels left over from the heyday of Rte. 66, especially the Aztec, which is truly bizarre.

      1. re: MU

        Kanome. Mmmmmmmm.


      2. re: Liza

        Cafe de Las Placitas is 45 mins South of SF off I25 Great ambience, excellent ecclectic menu. Don't miss the fish of the day , lamb dumplings, paella,great desserts. It's fairly priced and well worth a long drive out here in this culinary desert