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Nov 29, 1999 11:44 AM

Moab Jerk

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This ain't no dance, but is the best Jerk I've had outside Jamaica. I spent two weeks backpacking across that country stopping at every cut-in-half 55 gallon drum smoking with flavor. Each meal was HOT and tasty, but the down side was finding the creek to finish each experiance.

In Moab there is one BBQ place off the main drag. Their staples are ok, but it is their jeck items that take the cake. So if your there and want to explore, it will be worth the effort taking you to the Buff Bay area of the Rasta Island.


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  1. hey, where is this? the southwest's a big place!

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    1. re: Trisha
      john c ralph

      OK, with the Eat's post I did forget the state and city . But come on, Moab... how many are there. In Utah, the town of Moab, home to the Slickrock bike trail. This is ment as fun not in the mean way. I need to be more specific on my postings. Thank you for pointing out my over sight.


      1. re: john c ralph

        I would recommend their smoked sweet potato as worth trying. I didn't try their jerk on my visit and the rest of their barbecue isn't my style, but the sweet potato is pretty good.

        If you need barbecue in Utah, try Red Bones in SLC or Joe Morley's Smokehouse for second place.

    2. I didn't think it was a dance, I thought it was an obscure ethnic slur. Glad it was neither. Sounds delish! pat