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Jul 27, 1999 06:19 PM

Scottsdale/Sedona tips por favor....

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I know, I know, I'm nuts to be going to Arizona in August... But at least it's a DRY heat... :)

Where should I be dining? What's superb for a great meal? I need at least one high-end place to take a prospective client (I'm thinking Hapa in Phoenix...) and a bunch of delish casual spots.

Thanks in advance,

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    jonathan gold

    I think I've posted about this before--and it's probably not what you're in the market for--but Pizza Bianca in downtown Phoenix is just astounding, an Alice Waters everything-organic approach to a stone-authentic Patsy's-style pie. The salads are pretty good too.

    Dabble in anything called New Southwestern Cuisine at your peril.

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      Peter Palmieri

      T. Cooks at the Royal Palms Hotel on Camelback is very
      good. The room is quite attractive and comfortable. I
      also thought the service was good. We tried many of
      the highly-rated restaurants this past Spring and
      found most to be disappointing. I get the sense that
      chefs move around quite a bit so it is hard to get a
      good feel what may be good or bad because of this
      mobility. Do not even try any (so called) Italian
      restaurants. I think that T. Cooks would be ideal for

    2. Check out Vincent's on Camelback. l think it's as good
      as you'll find in Phoenix at the high end. It's a
      successful synthesis of serious French and southwest.

      1. see my posting last fall with a friend's Sedona

        1. Lisa - I've been here in Scottsdale for almost 7 years
          now, and have tried almost every upscale restaurant in
          the area. For my money, I'd only recommend going to
          Mary Elaine's at the Phoenician resort on Camelback Rd.
          For consistency, quality, service, and ambience, they
          can't be beat.

          1. I haven't been there for a good
            while, but there was a nice little
            Mexican seafood place called San
            Diego Bay in Guadalupe, the
            "Mexican" suburb that's been
            swallowed up by
            was in the mini-mall across from
            the market (which is also a great
            place to pick up freshly smoked
            chipotle chilis and great frozen
            tamales)...also a good taqueria next
            door to REI in Tempe...friends who
            went to IACP in April really liked
            Pizza Bianco.