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Jun 24, 1999 08:52 AM


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I'll be in Denver for a few days in Mid-July. Any
advice on good spots to eat? Low to moderate prices
preferred. I like pretty much all cuisines. I'd like
to try stuff that's better there than here, if there is

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  1. I get out to Denver fairly regularily as my parents are
    there. Last time however was alomost a year ago - so
    these comments may be dated.

    Sounds like you realize that the food can be iffy. In
    general, the Mexican options are better than here
    (actually more TexMex then true Mexican). The name of
    one of the places I've been is escaping me right now
    but it's near the intersection of Colo Blvd and I70 -
    somewhat near where Stapleton was. I know that's not
    very specific - sorry - I was usually the passenger in
    the car! I'd ask locals which ones they recommend. If
    they recommend Casa Bonita skip it: Talk about
    Montezuma's revenge - and that's just the decor.

    I found Le Central (French) to be pretty good and
    certainly a deal: they have moules frites with 6 or 8
    preparations (provencale, etc)- large portions for $7
    or 8 - evening, not lunch. Other menu choices were coq
    au vin, that sort of safe thing - all very reasonably
    priced and well prepared. Not cutting edge here nor
    adventuresome, people order stuff they think they can
    pronounce. The chef told us he took duck confit off
    the menu because it wouldn't sell.

    The Flying Fish Co. is near Tamarac Square (Hampton and
    I25) - is trumpted by locals, and it's not bad for a
    city that's 1000 miles from any ocean. Not recommended
    for someone with lots better exposure to good seafood.

    On 17th, just east of the downtown area is Denver's
    more upscale restaurant row - Strings has a few fans,
    expensive by Denver standards. Pasta.

    For local color - and not bad pub style is the Buckhorn
    Exchange. They hold Colorado Liquor License #1, as
    well as Buffalo Bill's signed bar tabs. Lots of
    trophy heads of critters on the walls to give it that
    "authentic" frontier feel.

    I may have been flip about the food scene but I haven't
    had great food, although at times it's very good. I'm
    not a big steak person but the city is known for it,
    you might try that: there's the usual chains
    (Morton's, Ruth's). An area that's going gangbusters
    recently is LoDo (for lower downtown) - there may a few
    new places over there that have better offerings. Good

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    1. re: Barbara S

      Well, I'm back from Denver, and thought I'd report on
      what I found.

      There's a bunch of OK food on the 16th St. mall.
      Nothing great, nothing too surprising. I liked the
      Wolfgang Puck cafe pretty well, although I didn't order
      anything demanding.

      One good place I found was Las Delicias; a Mexican
      mini-chain. The green chili was quite tasty, although
      I am not a big eater of green chili.

      1. re: Peter Flom

        And you missed the Buckhorn? Dude! Best fried buffalo testicles on this side of the rockies. Hands down.

        1. re: j gold

          Just got back from Denver. Although we didn't have much time to look for a restaurant I did find out from experience a few things.
          One was that you should make reservations wherever you want to eat. They don't seem to have enough restaurants to service the population resulting in LONG lines wherever we wanted to eat.
          DO NOT BOTHER WITH THE BUCKHORN. It was overpriced and nothing special, unless you enjoy eating with the original user of your dinner staring down at you from the wall, stuffed.

    2. There are two Mexican restaurants in Denver that are extremely excellent. I go there everytime I'm in town. One is La Casa Del Rey. It's at 7035 E. 72nd. Ave. in Commerce City. If your coming from the airport, once you hit I-70 westbound, head north on Quebec until you hit 72nd, then take a left. It's down a block or two on the right. The shredded beef burrito (hot) is out of this world. I actually have dreams about it. The pozole is also excellent The next place is called Torres and it's at 1595 S. Federal Blvd. The carnitas are to die for.

      1. For a great sandwich try the Spicy Pickle.Great subs and paninis.For drinks and appetizers at the bar hit Jaxs Fishhouse.

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