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Oct 5, 1998 09:30 PM

eating in sedona

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seeking information about restaurants in sedona, AZ.
is l'auberge worth a visit? what about
mexican/southwest food? where to find the best
breakfast burritos? green chili? bbq? bar w/better
than average live music????

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  1. Here are some recommendations from a fervent Sedonaphile:1. L'Auberge is good, but expensive. Judi's is by far the best restaurant in Sedona (eclectic cuisine) and (3) also worth a trip is Yavapai at Enchantment. The food there is very good and the view unsurpassable. Please tell us what you found!

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      J - thank you! it turns out that we're being
      introduced to a couple who live in sedona, so will
      also let you know their input. (and where we
      eventually end up eating! nice to have decisions to

    2. I just stumbled across your post of over 1.5 years ago. I hope that, since then, you have visited Sedona and have eaten at l'aberge! I have 3 favorite places for Mexican food here. One is Casa Rincon, another is Oaxaca (uptown) and another with good Mexican is Kaiser's in West Sedona. We have great Japanese and Indian food here too! My favorite is Takashi's in uptown..Great food but on the spendy side. And my second favorite...The Hideaway...on 179. Great food..variety menu..great prices and you can sit at a table on the balcany overlooking Oak Creek, if you want. I recommend the Fettucci Hideaway! Bon apetite!