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Sep 24, 1998 05:19 PM

Good restaurants in Phoenix/Scottsdale?

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Any suggestions for some good restaurants in
Phoenix/Scottsdale. Have you heard of a
restaurant in North Scottsdale with the name
Michael in the title? Don's know any more than

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  1. Michael's -- 8700 E. Pinnacle Peak Rd, Scottsdale
    Ph: 602-515-2575

    You must mean this restaurant. I have not eaten
    there, but heard some nice things about it. The chef
    Michael DeMaria used to cook at the Arizona Biltmore,
    and more recently at T. Cook's at the Royal Palms Inn.

    There are other posts in the past on this board about
    restaurants in Phoenix. I recommend Restaurant Hapa
    and Rancho Pinot Grill also. I also like RoxSand,
    though a couple of people here disagree with me.
    Jonathan Gold's choice of Pizza Bianco is also very

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    1. re: Gary Cheong


      Read my report from Phoenix
      from March (scroll down far
      enough and you can find something
      for almost anywhere)...I found an
      authentic Ensenada-style Mexican
      seafood place in the community of
      Guadalupe (a place that many in
      Phoenix consider "dangerous," but
      we had no trouble)'s called San
      Diego Bay and is at 9201 Avenue
      del Yaqui in Guadalupe (south
      Phoenix, between Tempe and
      Awahtukee), phone (602) 839-


      1. re: Jim Dixon

        Unfortunately, my dad (and Guadalupe expert) tells me
        that the restaurant recommended in the piece on Phoenix
        (San Diego Bay) is gone. Alas. Guadalupe is still an
        excellent place to stop in Phoenix. It's a Yaqui town
        in the middle of so much suburbia.

        For good Mexican, try El Molino in Phoenix (and
        remarkably, at a mall in Scottsdale). The Phx site is
        the one to see--all enclosed and easily passed by. 24th
        and Jefferson maybe? Can't remember where exactly.
        Check phonebook. The owner is crazy, will talk your ear
        off, but the food is worth it. Especially tamales.
        Dinky size-wise, but damn good. And machaca tacos. God
        I miss Phx just thinking about their machaca tacos.

        Rosa's in Mesa is family-oriented good food. Tomatillo
        salsa to swoon for--very sweet if you like it that way.
        Some options on menu are excellent (marinated meats)
        some not so great. Order carefully.

        Mexican aside, try the cheapest, best Vietnamese
        restaurant at the corner of Southern and Dobson in
        Mesa. A feast for $5.

      2. re: Gary Cheong

        I heartily recommend Pizzeria Bianco, in the shadow
        the new baseball stadium in downtown Phoenix. Some of
        the finest pizza I have eaten anywhere...and excellent
        salads and appetizers. Very crowded most of the time,
        it is worth the wait.

        Jim Zurer
        Washington DC