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Jun 29, 1998 02:41 AM

For Janet Traub -- Restaurant Hapa in Phoenix

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"I just join her occasionally when she's staying at
the Biltmore and other nice hotels to hang around the
pool and help with the expense account."

-- LOL !!!! You sure know how to enjoy yourself.

Anyway, I discovered Hapa when I was out there in
March. It's owned by a very nice young husband and
wife team, James & Stacey McDevitt. Stacey's the
pastry chef. James is part Japanese and Hawaian --
which inspired the name Hapa (means "half" in Hawaian)

Hapa serves some of the best Asian fusion food I know
in Phoenix. No surprise 'cos James used to be the
sous chef of RoxSand's (one of my faves in Phoenix). I
was bowled over by his skillet roasted mussels in a
heady Thai red curry broth, and I also liked the
caramelized Chinese mustard beef tenderloin.

Hapa's at 6204 N. Scottsdale Rd. (602) 998-8220
Call for directions. It's a little hard to find . But
if you know how to get to Rancho Pinot Grill (Hapa's
financed by R.P. Grill), it's only a few doors away.

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  1. j
    jonathan gold

    Slightly off-topic, but: Do you really like
    RoxSand? I ate there a couple of weeks ago,
    and was utterly appalled: the ethnic mixing
    is so extreme and so ungrounded in anything
    that the food comes across as a hodgepodge.

    Nothing we tried, from the soggy b'stilla to the
    oil-laden piri piri, the soggy Cantonese
    air-dried duck to the weirdly spiced Thai pasta,
    was even modestly competent--
    the bad cooking of all nations.

    I did, however, have astonishing Italian food
    at a downtown place called something like Pizza
    Bianco--properly blistered crust, homemade
    mozzarella, world-class antipasto plate--which
    was almost a mini Cafe at Chez Panisse in the desert.

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    1. re: jonathan gold

      Yes, I do like RoxSand's when I ate there 3 months
      ago. I guess I'm more tolerant of the hodgepodge than
      you are. But I know what you are talking about -- when
      fusion food is not done right (which is very often the
      case), the results can be downright appalling.

      Pizza Bianco is terrific ! I'm glad you found it. I
      think the guy came from the Bronx (not quite sure, so
      don't take my word for it).

      1. re: Gary Cheong

        Wow, my name in bold letters on the chowhound site! Now
        that's a real honor indeed!

        Thanks for catching my attention Gary. I'll add Hapa to
        the PHX list along with Pizza Bianco (I love those
        white mounds of homemade mozzarella on a pizza).

        I have to agree with Jonothan on Roxsand's though. I
        was there 3 yrs ago and the meal had no real winners.
        James must of been out that day.


        1. re: Janet Traub

          Are you the janet traub who used to be an engineer at pratt & whitney in hartford? if so please call me at(860)2439807.or email me at the address above.