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Jan 16, 2014 01:04 PM

Food Processor

What's the best food processor to get for my home? my old cuisinart finally broke.

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  1. i know there are several threads - past and recent - about this very question

    i've not had a chance to read them in detail - tho your post caught my eye cuz i often wonder myself cuz i have a vintage 1980's Robot Coupe -
    and I hope it lasts a while longer - tho I would like to be able to enjoy some of the newer improvements made since FP's came out in to the N Am market for home use at affordable price

    what will you be doing with it?
    where will you store it? (I have to lift mine to an upper cupboard, and it's heavy - tho heavy helps stabilize when in use)

    easy to clean? (dishwasherable)

    safety features?

    feed tube - width?

    other accessories

    motor power strength?

    noise volume when operating the processor?

    = price range?

    I don't have a stand mixer - I grew up in kitchens with stand mixers - but I just don't bake enough to need one. our mom used to make our family's ground beef and everything with some of the attachments - but we have a good enuf local butcher to deal with all that. And we don't make bread at home.

    I have my cuisineart stick blender (i like it - cream soups etc)

    Robot Coupe food processor

    kitchen aid hand-held mixer (good enuf for the rare baking times)

    a really good rotary beater from a mennonite hardware

    great knives and pots, pans

    i will be interested to learn what you choose to purchase

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    1. re: Georgia Strait

      HI. Thanks so much for your thoughts.

      I now have approximately a 6 cup Cuis which stores very easily on my cupboard but is a bit small for some recipes. Most of the ones I see now are at least 12 cups. This looks hard to store.

      I want a wide feed tube, strong motor {1200 w), noise doesn't matter. Would prefer dishwasher safe but not neccessary. I have a kitchenaid mixer so don't need to bake with it.

      Price- I was hoping to get one with my airmiles (they have a 12 cup Breville which was very good ratings) but I thought 12 cups might be too big.

      What do you think?

      1. re: Caradon

        yes - now that you mention it - capacity is an important consideration - I make hummos in large batches (then store it in smaller containers in the fridge for summer daily at cottage etc)

        also pumpkin pie - so i likely have a approx 7 cup capacity cuz the amount of custard batter required for one pie usually overflows from the CENTER tube (where you center the blade, etc - remember, I'm working from early 80's model here) in a big spicy orange swamp all over everything -

        but if the current choice is 7 cup (or so) ---- then up to 12 cup? darn.

        for sure check stability when it's slicing and grating large winter-size carrots or beets etc ---- and the noise of that activity.

        what is the current price range where you are? (we are in VAncouver Canada - we have those blue Airmiles for shopping but i've not checked out what i can buy with my points)

        i bet your vintage Cuisine Art cost a small fortune in those days - as did my vintage RCoupe

        a quick google came up with this comparison blog re: FP's

        i don't know who this person is - but the reviews are interesting to read

        1. re: Georgia Strait

          You're the perfect person to talk to! I'm in Winnipeg an am looking to buy my food processor with AirMiles. The only 2 choices I can see are a huge 16 cup Breville (top rated in Consumers Reports) or a 12 cup Cuis. Check them out on the site and let's know what you think

          1. re: Caradon

            I just popped in to a nearby London Drugs box store for photofinishing (I think you have one in Winn, MB) - I like the LD convenience, service and warrantees (and I believe they offer extended) ---- and while I was waiting - checked out of curiosity the small appliance section -

            I noticed various brands of FP's ---- incl 7 cup, 10 (I think) and MONSTER 13 c size Kitchenaid currently on for 299 Cdn - dimensions are huge for the countertop or cupboard unless one lives in a big house I suppose with a walk-in pantry in order to store the beast ; )

            have a look at the website - appliances - kitchen ---- narrow from there.

            it's hard to guess which will work out the best - I noticed that even that HUGE kitchenaid did not weigh near the mass that my vintage Robot Coupe weighs

            since you are shopping with a certain budget in mind (ie using your airmiles) maybe pop by and look at a few to help your choice.


            1. re: Georgia Strait

              Thanks. I ended up ordering an 11 cup Cuisinart. Never thought of checking London Drugs. Any other great deals on small appliances? I'll check the flyer on line.

              1. re: Caradon

                pls follow-up and tell us what you think - thx!

    2. I had a Robot Coupe that I loved and the bowl handle came apart. I tried a replacement bowl, but the magnets didn't align with the sensors in mine. I "fixed" it with a little duct tape but wanted one with a small bowl and a larger feed tube. I ended up giving it to a friend whose who needed it. I think her husband fixed it better than I did.

      I got a KitchenAid as a gift because my wife found a wonderful deal. It has a small bowl (in addition to the main one) and a larger feed tube than the Robot Coupe. Honestly, I wish it had an even wider tube. It would be nice to be able to slice more veggies without cutting first. One small issue is that when shredding cheese, a little doesn't get shredded and stays around as a blob. I suppose that's pretty common though and I don't shred much cheese with it anyway. I like it otherwise.

      1. Best?

        Robot Coup

        Probably not on most's radar because of cost.

        1. I have an antique Cuisinart that I am reluctant to give up because over the years I've acquired a lot of accessories for it. So I checked on eBay one day and found an abundance of my particular model. You might find the same if you really don't want to change.

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