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Mar 24, 1998 06:10 AM

Mex in Boulder

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ISO Mexican. Taking my daughter to look at U of C in
Boulder. We would love to eat at a good mexican
restaurant. Hard to find back east. Thanks in advance.

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  1. There are many in Boulder, the oldest being Juanita's, downtown on the Pearl St Mall. My favorite is La Familia, about 20 miles east of Boulde,r in Lafayette.

    -- Terry

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    1. re: Terry McNice

      It's really New Mexican, but my favorite is Alexander's on the corner of Arapahoe and Broadway. About two blocks from CU.

    2. rio grande is nicer than the above, but not the most authentic, as boulder doesn't really have any really authentic spots. def. a good restaurant though!!

      1. Depends upon what you mean by "authentic." If you're looking for true Mexican regional food, then you're out of luck. However, Juanita's mole and green chile is really good. I also like Mamacita's on the hill. Very good mole. Overall, I prefer the place at Folsom and Arapaho and can never remember the name! La Mariposa, I think. I'd stay away from the Rio Grande unless your idea of a good time is ear-splitting noise. If your daughter ends up at CU, she'll eventually be spending quality time there with her friends.