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Mar 23, 1998 01:55 AM

St. Mary's Tortilla Factory Rules !!!

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Just a quick post after catching up on the message
boards (just got back from Tucson and Phoenix).

St. Mary's is EVERYTHING that Jim reported it to be
(in his Tucson report). The tortillas are just
heavenly. Had the very spicy chorizo burro and
inhaled it. This place is a MUST GO for any chowhound
visiting Tucson. Make sure you go during the day --
it closes at 6 pm.

With much regret, I had to forgo returning the next
morning for a breakfast burro. I was on a tight
schedule, and St. Mary's was in the opposite direction
of where I was heading.

**** Jim Leff & Pete Feliz -- I have a dozen
tortillas and gorditas from St. Mary's waiting for you
in my fridge !!!

Finally, I am sad to report that Yoeme's is indeed
closed and out of business.

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  1. Gary:
    You don't know how happy I am to know that St. Mary's is getting the noteriety it deserves. I'm sorry to hear that Yoeme is closed before I could get back and try it. I keep forgetting to ask people who are going to St. Mary's if they ship overnight (though I doubt it.)

    Thanks again to Gary and Jim for reconsidering Sonoran cooking, as simple and mild as it is in comparison to Oxacan and Yucatan cooking. Regrettably, it's near impossible to find good examples of it anymore--even in Sonora.


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    1. re: Pete Feliz

      Pete-- the tortillas are in Jim's hands now. Get a
      hold of him to claim your share. I was thinking of
      FedEx-ing them back, but did not have Jim's address or
      phone number with me. You should ask people you send
      to St. Mary's to ship it for you.

      1. re: Gary Cheong

        From Jim's hands to my...oh, forget the silly attempt at humor here. Thank you Gary, thank you Jim. FYI: I made some chicken fried steaks, refried beans and salsa for these treasure. (Didn't have time to marinate for fajitas, and I just used up the last bit of jerky). FWIW: If and when the tortillas are about to "turn" or go stale, simply cut into bite sizes and saute in butter until browned and crisp, salt and serve with drinks. (You can sprinkle chile powder on 'em, but I would use 'em to dip. Too fragile).
        Also, they can be frozen. But like anything frozen, they lose something in the translation. Still, they're better than anything in NY.