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anything in Phoenix

Jim Dixon Feb 9, 1998 01:51 PM

I'll be in Phoenix for a couple of
days in March and would like find
some unadulterated local food in
this land of strip malls and air
conditioning. Any hot tips?

Spots on the drive north to
Flagstaff and the Canyon also
welcome (I'm hiking down to
Phantom Ranch).

  1. j
    Joanne Hasbrook Feb 16, 1998 08:51 PM


    I travel out to Phoenix frequently (on the expense
    account) and have a few good tips:

    Roxand Restaurant and Bar (1st choice)
    (in Biltmore Fashion Mall)
    2594 East Camelback Rd.

    - Very ecclectic dishes, fresh local ingredients,
    southwestern, asian/thai and african influences. Must
    try the crusted salmon with medit. cous cous or sauteed
    halibut on charred eggplant. Highly reccommend for
    good dinner - ala carte $14-28 entrees.

    North Scottsdale Road
    (Yes...another strip mall)

    - Razz is the name of the chef. His creations are
    amazing. He has brazilian/spanish/french background and
    has an international feel to menu.

    Rancho Pinot Grill
    North Scottsdale Road
    do not have number
    Good place and "southwestern living room" atmosphere

    E. Camelback Road
    Great spanish food, sangria and tapas!

    Enjoy! I have had difficulty finding authentic mexican
    cuisine. Please post any good finds if you come across.

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    1. re: Joanne Hasbrook
      Gary Cheong Feb 17, 1998 12:27 AM

      I can certainly vouch for Joanne's first 3 choices
      (have not eaten at Altos). I will be heading out
      there myself next month to attend a foodie event
      called Pleasures of the Palate (organized by Razz's

      Rancho Pinot Grill's address and phone is :
      6208 N. Scottsdale Rd. (602) 468-9463

      Also recommend Vincent's on Camelback
      3930 E. Camelback Rd. (602) 224-0225
      Very good French-Southwestern cooking.

      1. re: Gary Cheong
        Jim Dixon Feb 17, 1998 01:34 PM

        Thanks for the tips...I'll report
        back after the trip. If you're ever
        headed to Portland (Oregon, not
        Maine), drop me a note. We don't
        like to spread it around, but
        Portland is chowhound paradise.

        1. re: Jim Dixon
          Gary Cheong Feb 18, 1998 01:55 PM

          Jim -- please go to new thread title "Portland, OR --
          reply to Jim Dixon".

    2. p
      Pete Feliz Feb 14, 1998 07:10 AM


      I'm hardly ever in Arizona anymore, I went last year but spent more time eating at mom's (her food's great but she charges way too much, and gets real nasty if you leave less than 20%). Also, no foodie I know can recommend much in Phoenix. Tucson, Flagstaff, some of the reservations. My sister likes the tortillas at a restaurant in a bad neighborhood call "Carolina's" It closes at 7pm or 8. Get on the web for the Arizona Republic Newspaper. The food editor is Penelope. She might have some good recommends. The indigenous dishes are: Those big Sonoron Tortillas and the burros they make, Green corn Tamales or Tamalitos(out of season in March), Fry bread, Caldo con Queso, Sonoron enchiladas and bbq'd anything (Mountain Oysters if you're macho enough).

      Have a good trip


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      1. re: Pete Feliz
        Jim Dixon Feb 18, 1998 05:56 PM


        Thanks...I have to believe what you
        say about Phoenix...I started going
        there to visit my cousins (in
        Tempe, actually) when I was a kid
        in the late 50s and the place hasn't
        improved a bit (and may actually
        be worse...it was too damn hot
        then, but at least it didn't have any
        pretensions)...my sister loves it,
        tho' (she lives in Awatookie
        (sp?)), but we're only there for a
        day or so before we drive north to
        the canyon..maybe I can score
        some fry bread at a roadside stand
        outside of Flagstaff...soy muy
        macho, so I'll be looking for any
        mountain oysters..is March too
        early for roundup, when they
        actually castrate calves? Funny,
        I've lived in Oregon my whole life
        and that's one thing I haven't had
        an opportunity to eat...but I'll try
        anything once.

        thanks again...Jim

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