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Jan 9, 1998 11:46 PM

Alpha Dog in New Mexico

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I'm going to be visiting Silver City, New Mexico (not far from Las Cruces) in a couple of weeks...I'm not going to be overly ambitious about this, but does anyone know anything remotely edible within 100 miles of thereabouts?

Here's an easier one: I'll be spending a couple of days in Tucson, stocking up on nourishment in the middle of the Silver City stay. Anything unmissable there?

thanks! ciao

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  1. Hi Adog,

    I was in Tuscson last summer and the maitre di at Janos
    (where the fancydogs go. Which was very good BTW, but
    not awesome) recommended:

    Cafe Poca Cosa
    20 South Scott or
    88 E Broadway (?)

    Mi Nidito
    1813 S. 4th Avenue
    (Mexican - burrito style))

    El Torero
    (no address info)

    We had lunch at Cafe Poca Cosa and it was excellent.
    Lots of interesting mexican stews offered on the daily
    blackboard. Nice staff & atmosphere too.


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    1. re: Janet Traub

      thanks, Janet!

      those seem like good tips all...I've checked them against a few "best of Tucson chow" files I've downloaded, and all seem well-regarded.

      Did you hit that desert museum? The Biosphere? The old section of town?


      1. re: Jim Leff

        > Did you hit that desert museum? The Biosphere? The
        old section of town?

        Yes we went to the desert museum. I'm not a big
        nature/animal lover and even I enjoyed it. Lots of
        interesting reptiles, birds, etc. and the native
        setting enhanced the experience. Go later in the day
        when it's cooler and the animals are more active. Maybe
        feeding time.

        The Sagura Cacti Natl Monument was a great drive thru.

        And if you're into science/tech stuff, the Kitt Peaks
        Natl Observatory tour was excellent. They have about a
        dozen HUGE (80 ft high?) telescopes. And the tour
        covers about 5 or 6 of them. They explain what the
        scopes are used for, interesting facts about the
        giant lenses, etc. I loved it but then I am a techie
        (engineer/computer lover).

        Didn't hit the Biosphere. And I don't think I toured
        the old part of town. Mostly shopped on what is
        it...6th street? where the shops, coffee joints are.

        Have a good trip. If you find any good chow, say within
        2 hrs of Tucson, please post 'em as I hope to go back
        there soon.


        1. re: Janet Traub

          yeah, I'm an astro buff too (for some reason, trombonists are ALWAYS into astronomy. One of those weird things...) and will surely make it out there.

          You go to the biosphere? Must be pretty good for a laugh...and a gulp (of astonishment). Also, since nobody's sealed in at the moment (I don't think...?) maybe they let people in the thing now

          Thanks much for all the help (I also really enjoyed your Atlanta message, btw)


          1. re: Jim Leff

            A second-hand recommendation from a coworker who has a second home outside Taos: Frank's Place "on the main drag". Like most places in New Mexico, what you will find here is New Mexican food, ie, spiffed up, supposedly healthier, fresher interpretations of mexican food. Coworker says he goes there every time he is in town. Reports that it is funky and the food is not to be missed.

            1. re: Jordan

              sounds good, and thanks Jordan, but Taos is in the other corner of the state (I'll be in the southwest). Nonetheless, I'll file it in case I ever go there...and maybe others reading along can benefit

              1. re: Jim Leff
                Chris sullivan

                hey there!

                I recently moved away from Las Cruces, but i can still recommend some good eats there:

                I'm not sure it will be open this time of year, but Guacamole's has my favorite hamburgers EVER, ANYWHERE. They are marinated in a teriyaki sauce, and served with a generous portion of guacamole. Yummy! It's on Picacho Ave - head south, on your left about one mile after you cross the Rio Grande.

                Where to find the best Chiles Rellenos in town is an ongoing debate among locals - I prefer the puffy ones served at the Hacienda (corner of Espina and University, don't miss the $1.99 margaritas) but the most famous ones in the area are to be found at Chope's in La Mesa. Call first - and get there right when they open for dinner, there's always a line of yuppies looking for an authentic experience.

                You're probably not looking for bagels in New Mexico, but A Bagel in the Sun (on Missouri between Telshor and Triviz) has some great ones.

                Rico Menudo (one block North of Missouri on Solano) has great smothered burritos, but don't get the menudo - it made me sick once!

                Best espresso in Cruces, by far, is available at Spirit Winds Coffee Bar (2 blocks north of University on Locust), and there's a very cool gift shop there too.

                Places to avoid:
                Double Eagle
                Gadsden purchase
                La Posta (great decor, gross food)