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Jun 19, 2006 03:18 PM

Good food in Texarkana

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What would you recommend?

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  1. I have ate lunch a couple of times at the Big Jakes Smokehouse location on New Boston Rd. Having years of experiance of eating bbq in the Kansas City area, I thought Big Jakes was a well managed establishment that served good Texas style bbq. I especially enjoyed the brisket and sausage. The barbeque joints around KC tend to be overpriced, but you can get a good feed at Big Jakes for ten bucks.

    1. Can't go wrong at Bryce's Cafeteria -- great fried chicken and pies.


      1. August, 2004 I was stuck in Texarkana for 3 days waiting for parts so my car could be repaired and when I asked locals what I should check out in town, all answered "Guy's Orange Stand". I asked what it was and they all said I had to see it to believe it. I'll save you that part and give you a short version.

        My recollection is that a man named Guy Glover opened it years ago (I believe after he returned from WWII in the 40's) and his come-on was a homemade orange drink served with shelled peanuts he roasted himself, all for 5ยข! He ran it for over 40 years before selling out but the buyer eventually wore himself out and Glover re-opened it at 85-90 years of age.

        The prices were amazing (hamburgers for $1!) but I don't know if it's still open. If it is, do us both a favor and check it out and PLEASE report back.