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Jun 18, 2006 10:01 PM

(DFW) Replacement for Yamaguchis?

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The GF flew into Love Field tonight and found herself taking Inwood in front of the old Yamaguchi's (one of our old favorite local sushi joints)and she says there is a new sushi place in business there which appears to be open.

Anyone know anything about Shinsei?

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  1. Yeah. This is the new place owned by the wives of Dean Fearing (ex-Mansion) and Kevin Rathbun (Abacus).

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    1. re: Donnie C

      They open officially today.

    2. So has anyone eaten there? With the raiding of Teppo's sushi chef, I am very interested in hearing a review.

      1. I went there a few nights ago and my friend and I really liked it. The sushi was very good, and they had some varieties you don't see all of the time like Kampachi. It's not a Teppo-style sushi restaurant, though. There were dishes that seemed almost tex-mex inspired and some pan-asian as well. Before I went I really thought it was going to be a overfusioned disaster, but it was really interesting.

        We started with the jalepeno chicken poppers which were fantastic--they came with a coconut curry dipping sauce. We didn't try any of the entrees but I will definitely be back to do so.

        Service was a little spotty but I attibute it more to first week kinks than anything else. There was also quite a "Dallas" crowd with some serious outfits--good people watching.