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Jun 12, 2006 07:19 PM

German Restaurants in Fredricksburg or surrounding area

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Any very good German food available in a San Antonio to Fredricksburg to Austin trip? I see a few listed in Fredrickburg; any experiences with them?

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  1. I like Friedhelm's Bavarian Inn in Fredericksburg pretty well. The sauerbraten and j├Ągerschnitzel are consistently good. Sauerkraut and rotkohl are good. The sp├Ątzle not so great; get the potatoes instead. There are several other German places on Main Street, which I won't name, that aren't nearly as good. Friedhelm's isn't expensive. About $12 or $11 a plate.


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      We've had very good luck at Der Lindenbaum, on Main street, especially their red cabbage -- Jim, if Friedhelm's is much better we'll have to try it sometime!

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        "Friedhelm's isn't expensive. About $12 or $11 a plate."

        Strange, Jim. When my husband went in to check their prices a couple of weeks ago he said the majority of the "German" dishes were $18 and up. He said there were maybe a couple of plates around $11 or $12, and burgers for $8, but anything with veal or pork were pretty pricey.


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          I stopped by Friedhelm's this afternoon to check this out, and you are absolutely right. Prices have gone way up since my last visit. I withdraw the recommendation, and I appreciate the correction.


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            Thanks for checking Jim. I was just wondering if my husband got it wrong since I didn't go in with him!


      2. I just ate at Rathskellars. We did not order any German food, so I am not much help. However, the beef/cheddar/bell pepper sandwich with the poblano au jus was incredibly delicious. One of the best things I ate all trip. I also love the ambience down underground. Plus it is right beside Der Kuchen Laden where I spend all my time.

        1. I have to agree with WasabiP regarding Der Lindenbaum, we are literally just back in the door from a 4 day trip to Fredericksburg, eating at Der Lindenbaun, Auslander, The Biergarten, and Altdorf. In our novice opinion Lindenbaum far outshined any others. They also do not take Visa, thank God I didn't leave home without my other card. Just our .02.

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            Thank you for the Der Lindenbaum suggestions! Both my husband and I have lived in Germany and the German food we had at Der Lindenbaum was as good as what we had in Germany. The jaegerschnitzel was fork tender with fresh mushrooms; my husband's gulasche with noodles and red cabbage was also very tasty. It was a wonderful way to enjoy Fredricksburg!

          2. Bumping this: Anyone have current German suggestions in Fredricksburg?

            For the record, I love Der Lindenbaum; of the places I've been in town, it is currently my favorite.