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Grady Spears' restaurant in Ft. Worth?

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Central Market here in Houston recently had a cooking class with Grady Spears and the brochure made reference to his restaurant "80 West." I did a Google search and found no reference to it. Does any one here know any thing about this? We used to love Reata.

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  1. Last Fall, Spears announced his next restaurant (80 West), to be located at 9904 Camp Bowie West, Fort Worth, TX. If you go to his website (link below) and click on "Grady's Range," and look in the "Read all about it" frame, you can get the details on it. According to the early announcements, it was slated to open Spring of '06. Haven't heard anything about it opening yet.


    Link: http://www.gradyspears.com/

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      Maybe the construction crew stopped in for one too many "ice cold beers"?

    2. No mater what, he'll only last a year - nobody does burnout better than Grady...

      1. Yep you better eat up quick. Grady is there one week gone the next.

        1. I hear that dude is one crazy (literally) chef.

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            Yes indeed he evidently was treated for fondness for certain substances in the past. Hopefully is is over that and will do okay in his next venture.

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              He is a great chef, has wonderful recipes, but is clueless about running a business and burns out within a year unless he has a level-headed partner. So eat up folks before he loses his shirt on this one. Again. For the tenth time.

            1. Actually Grady Spears does have a brand new restaurant in Fort Worth at 2443 Forest Park Boulevard and it is called "Grady's". It has just opened and it is amazing. I had dinner there last weekend and will definitely be back in the future. I would suggest calling ahead for a reservation because it was very busy the night that I went. The number is 817-922-9980. I hope this helps.

              1. I tried Grady's tonight (thanks to a fellow chowhound for tipping me off that it had opened a few blocks from me ;) & thought I'd post a quick review ... (It's where Pegasus used to be ...)

                Bottom line--great, friendly service, food not so special. It's home cooking full stop, which IMO should happen at a lower price point.

                In the bread basket were bacon biscuits and mini cornbread muffins. Liked the muffins, but they were not out of line with good muffins at any home cooking place.

                Spinach salad--corn (reputedly corn salsa, but I say just corn), goat cheese, oven-dried tomatos (got these on the side & left them there), pecans (just pecans), spinach, & balsamic vinaigrette. Very good, but nothing you or I couldn't have made with access to very nice goat cheese.

                (I did pass on the Rocky Mountain Oysters with homemade ketchup--didn't have the balls for that--a vicious cycle I guess.)

                I ordered the chicken fried steak & green onion mashed potatoes. (There are several mashed potato variations on the menu.) The potatoes were actually green, and probably the best thing I had--but not fabulous. The steak was huge, lacked salt (there was none on the table), and could've used more gravy. Inexplicably (well, potatoes are cheap), there was an additional side of shoestring potatoes and carrots coated in oil.

                I was intrigued by the buttermilk ice cream, so ordered the Kahlua cake & requested the buttermilk (I think it may come with vanilla). They had sold out of the buttermilk (I guess I was right), and the cake was nothing special, but the good news is, they comped my dessert due to the sellout, which I thought was really nice.

                The food was not perfectly executed, and it did not IMO exceed home cooking expectations. But the service (if a tad bit slow) was very nice--everyone Texas friendly.

                It wasn't crowded on a weeknight (they told me when I called that you need to make reservations ahead of same day only on the weekends), but it was a decent crowd.

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                  really good report, foiegras......if you're ever looking for a secong career......