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Jun 5, 2006 05:53 PM

HOU: Mason Road-ish Recs?

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My folks have lived out past West Houston for far too long, and they tend to go to the same places over and over again. They loved Dona Tere Tamales and the BBQ in Eagle Lake -- both hound suggestions.

Any other recs on the West side of town? Inexpensive and good is right up thier alley.



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  1. Marinis Empenadas on Mason I believe?

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    1. re: John Scar

      good call. I have taken them there as well. I just keep thinking there must be some hidden gems in W Houston that they have yet to find.

      Thanks for your always good advice.

      1. re: rgustafs

        I read about a place on another board from a guy that knows his stuff called Pepetlan or something. Its address is 16500 block of clay road just off hwy 6. Its a dump but he raved about the food. I almost went today but the trip out there was not going to work.

    2. I've heard good things about Nonmacher's BBQ, particularly the brisket, also the pork & their tamales.
      606 S Mason 281-392-7666

      Since Lockhart is closer for me ... I'll stick w/ Black's & Smitty's for now :-)

      Also hear that El Jarrito 870 S Mason Rd turns out some good food (but service sucketh mightily). Recommended was #62 the Chicken Habanero Especial
      Also ... COUPONS at their website.

      1. El Jarrito has moved to a free-standing building on Highland Knoll, east of Mason Road...their service is worse than ever, and the food just isn't worth suffering through the service. We go to Cazadore's (Pin Oak/Katy Flewellyn (sp), southwest of Katy Mills mall, for our inexpensive, family owned texmex fix.