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Dallas: top 3 steak houses for visitor?

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Your top 3 steak places in Dallas? Which location and why? Which ones to avoid and why?

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  1. 1. Bobs
    2. Pappas
    3. Del Friscos

    1. Al Biernat's
      Nick & Sams

      1. 1. Nick and Sam's, great atmosphere and location in Uptown
        2. Del Frisco, locations in North Dallas and Ft. Worth, very grand atmosphere on a smaller scale than III Forks
        3. Rick Steins, great atmosphere and service in a more comfortable atmosphere in North Dallas

        1. There seems to be no agreement. Others told me it is Bob's???????????

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          1. re: kel

            Bob's is very good, but I would'nt say it is the best.

            1. re: kel

              Bob's is small, crowded, low ceiling, garishly lit and extremely noisy. It used to be worse. The cigarette smoke was choking. Now no smoking. It also has terrible sides not to mention a big ugly carrot on every plate.
              I think you are looking for the impossible. A steak house is only as good as it's last steak. None of them are always, never fail consistent because the meat isn't. So everyone votes for the familiar, the best sides (to them), best location, best waiter, best decor, etc. Whatever that one thing is, it keeps you coming back after a mediocre steak or service experience. None of the choices are remarkably better than the others. Throw a blanket over the bunch, I say.

              1. re: Donnie C

                It is funny how different we all are: For us: One of the best things at Bob's is the glazed carrots.

              2. re: kel

                Bob's serves a decent steak......in an intolerable atmosphere. VERY LOUD. Not at all appropriate if you intend to hold conversation during your meal. Frankly, I think Bob's is a case of 'famous' for the sake of being 'famous'. Not the 'best' for a 'total' dining experience.

              3. Tried Bob's: super!

                1. I'm coming late to this, but:

                  Nick & Sam's (it's always packed)
                  Del Frisco's (the food)
                  Bob's (for the carrot)

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                  1. re: TexasToast

                    I really like Bob's but I presume (or hope) that the carrot comment is a joke.

                    1. re: bhoward

                      I don't know why, but a lot of people really seem to dig the carrot. Had a dinner there earlier in the week with several first-timers, all of whom loved it. (I usually ask them to hold the carrot, since I don't eat it and don't want the sugary juices seeping into the steak or potatoes. They always ignore the request.)


                      1. re: Scott

                        I think for the first time visitor, it has a certain novelty factor. I mean, that's their "thing."


                  2. Bob's is pretty fabulous. Nick & Sam's is good, too, but Perry's is tops for atmosphere that doesn't feel like it comes from a corporate manual. Al Biernet's is such a "scene," but the food's just fine.

                    1. Somebody had mentioned a big, ugly carrot, so I thought I'd have some fun with them. For pure food pleasure, Chamberlain's, but it's not very "sexy" and visitors love sexy.