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Duy Tan & Bun Cha Hanoi

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  • blankjeneration May 30, 2006 03:58 PM
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I'll be in Dallas this week and am hoping to explore the Vietnamese food while there. Bun Cha Hanoi is one of my favorite dishes and I think a restaurant called Duy Tan makes it - does anyone know the address for Duy Tan? Or have any recommendations for other Bun Cha spots?


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  1. Charles Kemp's excellent guide to good food in East Dallas gives Duy Tan very high marks, and references the Bun Cha Hanoi. The restaurant is in Garland.

    Link: http://www3.baylor.edu/~Charles_Kemp/...

    1. Passed by the strip mall where Duy Tan is today, and Duy Tan HAS CLOSED! In its place is a new Vietnamese restaurant called An Giang. Anyone been yet?

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        Oh no! They had some of the best Bun I've ever had....

        That's strange - they always seemed to do a lot of business. I'll have to try it soon and hope they haven't changed their recipes.

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          I used to go to Duy Tan about once a month for the Pho. However, some time last year they have "upgraded" their menu, as well as the prices; while the sizes of the Pho seem to be shrinking. Since then, I hadn't really gone back to Duy Tan much at all. I may give the new place a try this week.

        2. re: y2000k

          I tried Duy Tan several times and was never impressed with their pho.

          I prefer Bistro B and Pho 85.

          1. re: Scagnetti

            I think it's Pho 95. That's where my Vietnamese friend sent me. Very very good.

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            The replacement is An Giang. They've spiffed up the decor a bit, and the menu is a bit different (no bun with chicken - one of my Duy Tan favories). The food is good, although Duy Tan pho was superior. It was busy right from the start - a good sign in that neighborhood. Still, now that I know that Duy Tan/Pala is nearby,I'm going back.

          3. Yes! The best! Check Duy Tan out at new location with new name PaLa Cafe' - 2334 W. Buckingham Rd, Suite 370, Garland, Tx 75042, Telephone # 214-227-4619 on the same strip with Saigon Taipei Supermarket.