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May 26, 2006 02:36 PM

Moonshine review?

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Any opinions about Moonshine Bar & Grill in Austin?

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  1. Not that original, rather pricey, about what you would expect from downtown. I'd rather spend my money elsewhere. There are reviews by both the Statesman and the Chronicle.

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      I like Moonshine. Their Sunday brunch is well appointed. The last time I went for Happy Hour, the drinks were a dollar off and the appetizers were half price. The corn dog shrimp and fried asparagus were so tasty. I have to admit that I've yet to have dinner or lunch there so I can't comment on that. I can say that the service was great and the people watching was fun, as well.

    2. I've been once, and probably should try it again and not write it off completely. But the service was awful (besides slow and inattentive, they brought us the wrong appetizer and one incorrect entree) and the food wasn't very good. My dish was overcooked. I have heard wonderful things about the Sunday brunch and will try to make a point to go back for that. If I want comfort food, I'll generally go to Tony's on East 6th however.

      1. I love Moonshine. Had lunch there many times. My granddaughter and I especially love the salmon. I always like the double vegetables and the desserts are great -- they make their own chocolate malt ice cream.

        1. I've been once, and I wanted to like it, but the experience wasn't great. The service was slow, the food was only ok, and the wait for a table was about twice as long as estimated by the hostess.

          The whole theme of the menu also seems a little bit off. What is the deal with the popcorn?

          1. I've only been to brunch, but I think it's quite reasonable and I enjoy the way they divide up the stations to savory, sweet, comfort, spicy, lite. Their bread pudding is to die for and they are very good about not rushing you and keeping your coffee/juice full. For $12.95 I find it well worth the price.