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May 23, 2006 01:18 AM

One Day Visit to Lockhart

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OK In addition to my Austin travels, I am going to Lockhart for one day.

Is one of the legendary three better OR shoud I get a few items from each of them

For Instance, should I get Brisket from Black's and Sausage from Kreuz's etc

Please let me know your thoughts


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  1. If your stomach space is limited, go only for the brisket. A grown man can eat half a pound and be full, or a full pound and be painfully full. You can order quarter pound portions at each place. You do the math.

    1. If you can afford the time and gas to drive another 15 miles south on 183 to Luling, you can eat the best barbecue in the state at City Market. Get fat brisket, sausage, onion, sour pickle, and soda crackers. No sauce. Better than anything in Lockhart.


      1. IMO, Black's is a waste of time. I just got back from a lunch at Smitty's and the pork chop, fatty brisket and sausage were all excellent. On my last trip to Kreuz a month ago, the fatty brisket and sausage were good but not excellent. The pork chop was excellent. On a good day, Kreuz beats anything. On a bad day, I'd rather be at Smitty's. Smitty's wins on atmosphere, in spite of the constantly blaring TV they've added to the dining room.

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          What, no prime rib? In my opinion, Smitty's prime rib -- while admittedly a whole 'nother food group than brisket/ribs/sausage -- is as good as any piece of beef I've eaten.

          1. re: Kirk

            I'm going back to my earlier statement that when the f
            atty bresket is at its best, I prefer it to the prime rib.

          2. re: Greg Spence

            I never eat in the dining room if I can help it. I always head straight for the big room off the main entrance with the single lone table. It's always empty, and the atmosphere of the original building is unbeatable.

          3. Stop at all three since they are all of two minutes apart.

            The brisket at Black's is excellent and the best single barbecue meat in town. You can order the brisket "by the slice" (ask for thick cut) and they offer comp. bread or crackers (locals go for crackers). DO NOT ruin the brisket with the barbecue sauce. Tabasco is OK. Then head over to Smittys and check out the place with great atmosphere and old brick pits. Sausage and pork chops are great, skip the "clod". Kreuz offers exactly the same cuts of meat as Smitty's. Smitty's meats seem to have more post oak smoke flavor. Also, buy some of their "homemade wieners" to go that they sell frozen in ziploc bags in the meat market area at the front of the building. These ain't your typical hot dog.

            1. I would personally go to Smitty's and then 15 miles further south to City Market in Luling.