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May 17, 2006 06:03 PM

Cuban food in Dallas?

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Any ideas on where to get Cuban food in Dallas? Just returned from a trip to Miami and would really like to find that kind of flavor here in the DFW area.

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  1. For those flavors, but not necessarily Cuban, try Cuba Libre on Henderson and La Duni on Oaklawn.

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    1. re: Donnie C

      Unfortunately, I think those are the closest things you are going to find in Dallas. It's a shame that the Cuban community here is not large enough here to attract an authentic Cuban restaurant.

      1. re: Kirk

        I agree. I moved to Florida from Dallas two years ago and fell in love with Cuban food. The lack of decent Mexican food here made me somewhat adopt Cuban food. Cuba Libre is good but it is no where near authentic Cuban grub.

    2. I'll second both Cuba Libre and La Duni, but be warned, the wait times at either can be ridiculously high at peak times, which is great if you go at an in between time as both places get deserted!


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      1. re: TexasToast

        La Duni is great, but not Cuban food...

      2. I love cuban food. My best friend is cuban and lives in Miami and my wife is puerto rican so I have eaten quite a bit in my life. I hated Cuba Libre. La Duni has pretty good food and deserts but it is far from traditional cuban cuisine. It is more of a latin fusion. For excellent tradtitional cuban cuisine you want to go to Carribean Cafe at Webb Chapel and Beltline.

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        1. re: snatex

          Yes I managed to make my way to Carribean Cafe about a month ago. See thread for review.

          1. re: donnaaries

            there's a new oneat 121 and preston. Very good!

          2. re: snatex

            What did you hate about Cuba Libre?


            1. re: TexasToast

              carribean cafe is the closest to cuban food here in dallas you are going to get. i am cuban and its the best its not too expensive and their drinks are awesome i love the soda that we dont get here in dallas so i always enjoy that aspect!

              1. re: seksymami17

                Definitely Carribbean Cafe! The food is wonderful and so is the food!

                1. re: Sbol

                  The Carribean grill on the NW corner of Webb Chapel and Forest has a passable Cuban sandwich, decent jerk chicken and a pretty good goat curry. They also have live reggae on the first friday of every month.
                  Carribean Pan on Forest (just west of Webb Chapel next the the scary big DENTAL DEPOT) has good curries, stews and meat pies.
                  A carribean "grocery/gift" shop just opened next to the Carribean Grill. Have not tried it yet but is is owned by the same folks as CG. The sell some hot (probably fries) pies and other "fast" items.

          3. Donna,

            There is a Cuban place on the corner of Webb Chapel and Belt it in a small non descript strip center. There is Cuco's in the H-E-B/NRH area in the Mid cities and I know they have a Cuban sandwhich. I have not been there so I am not sure if they have any other Cuban fare. If you are looking for Carribean place I would suggest Elaine's Kitchen close to Fair Park next to the old Forrest Theater. In a very rough neighborhood but bring $10 and you will be stuffed to the gills with excellent Jaimacan dishes. They were very nice there when I went after the Fair.....didn't care to much for the food at the Fair this year.

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            1. re: soulslinger

              The place at Webb Chapel and Belt Line is the Carribean Grill that was mentioned above, and recieved mostly very good reviews. Cuco's does a few different sandwiches, has some traditional fried foods, like yucca and croquettes and has some desserts. They also have a daily special like picadillo. The food there is just good, nothing more, but not bad at all. For the price it's great, but I'd say it's worth a 15 mile drive, 20 at most.

            2. ...was driving to meet friends for dinner this evening, when what to my wondering eyes should appear:


              ...opening soon in the space that used to be Chez Gerard...

              apparently, it's a Lombardi venture: