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May 4, 2006 09:50 PM

driving from Denton , DFW? & Babe's?

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I'm going to be in Denton for business and am willing to drive to eat dinner somewhere truly worthwhile. Although, anything in the Denton surrounding area would be appreciated. Any suggestions? I LOVE anything Asian or ethnic or anything else unique. I will be on a limited expense account so not anything too extravagant. I have read about Babe's in Southern Living. How is it and are all the locations good?

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  1. I've been to the original Babe's in Roanoke several times and in my opinion it's worth the trip. Generally when we have friends visiting from out of town we take them there. This past week we took visitors to the Babe's in Carrolton and while still good, I don't think it was as good as Roanoke.

    Both places are BYOB.... the original only serves Fried Chicken and Chicken Fried Steak (creamed corn, mashed potatoes, biscuits and salad on the side), while Carrolton adds a few more entree selections, green beans and desserts.

    If you're going to drive from Denton, I think you should go to the original.

    104 North Street, Roanoke TX, 76262, 817-491-2900
    1006 W Main Street, Carrolton TX, 75006, 972-245-7773

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      Thanks for the recommendation. I found a location listed for Sanger but maybe I will skip it for the Roanoke location.

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        The Sanger location is great. We have been several times and you can't help but love the small town/family atmosphere. The food is genuine comfort food of the best quality. So be prepared to overeat and need a nap. Haven't been to the Carrolton location - though others in my family have. Personally, I like going down the side street in the small town of Sanger and walking into a gem of a food establishment. Don't forget to notice the unique furnishings!

    2. I personally think the Sanger location of Babe's is actually better than Roanoke. If you are in Denton for lunch a good suggestion is Yummy's Greek over on University.

      There is also a pretty good Mexican Taqueria on Locust I believe it's called La Mexicana. There is at least one person there who speaks some English.

      1. Josephine,

        As a former student of UNT I can give you a few recs I liked:

        Greenhouse Restaurant

        Cool Beans (about .25 northeast of the UNT Language Bldg) 1210 W Hickory - I love thier burgers and queso

        Art Six Coffee House (I hate coffee but friends have said it to be funky surroundings and good joe) - 424 Bryan Street (Close to City Parc at Fry Street Apts
        )Also Jupiter House Coffee on the Square in Denton - 106 N Locust

        I remember Olive Branch having some good pizza on Teasley & 35 was the closest to UNT - 1776 Teasley Ln

        If you want some great brats try the German Plate at Metzlers on Teasley & Londonderry. The brats come from Fischers in Muenster, TX, which has the best brats in Texas, IMHO! They also have a great BBQ plate and awesome beer selection to boot. Don't forget to get one of the Bayer’s Kolonialwaren und Backeri (also from Muenster, TX) awesome strudels (about $8.49). I usually wash it down with a Hacker-Pschorr or Paulaner HefeWeissen. - 628 Londonderry Ln

        Rudy's on I35E just before you get to Teasley has some good BBQ but I think it is a bit pricey. I really like the cream style corn...not your typical mush in a can. - 520 S IH-35E

        Rasoi in the Convenience store on Ave C and Eagle supposedly has the best Indian food in Tarrant County as per the readers of FW Weekly - 1002 Ave C

        Last time I drove around I spotted a fairly decent taqueria stand/shack on McKinney St just past Mingo/Bell. It was called something like Abuelita...something like that. I saw the lady making fresh tacos on the spot one night (it wasn't sitting around in a pan


        I would avoid any Chinese or Thai in Denton.....there is a Sweet Basil in the new shopping center on Loop 288 that might be decent though......other than that I would avoid it

        There was a Japanese place Keiichi Sushi that has sprouted up near Greenhouse - 500 N Elm St....Denton Record Chronicle says you need reservations...yea right

        This link might help you out though

        From that list the standouts in my eye look like:

        Cafe Garibaldi - Mexican dishes with a few Peruvian...owners are from Peru
        Casita Vara - says good borracho beans...thats enough for me
        El Pariente - authentic and freshness points

        Middle Eastern
        International Foods & Restaurant

        Hannahs - probably the classiest place in Denton.....haven't heard anything about it though

        Frilly's Seafood Bayou Kitchen - I have been by this place at was packed must mean it is good!

        Banter Traditional Tapas - Close to the was closed on the night I tried to go

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          I second the Greenhouse recommendation.

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            Keiichi- best sushi i have had anywhere. Limited seating, modern zen atmo.

            The chef/owner is actually from Japan, imagine that. Makes the wasabi fresh. The fish is fresh and whole not sitting in a case already fileted. This guy is the real thing, lives for sushi and will explain the different fish and techniques without making you feel like an idiot. If you like rolls he will make them, but if you are a sushi officianado this is a real jewell. Enjoy.

            Regarding Hannahs, upscale, hit and miss which is unfortunate as its an otherwise nice place.

            The Wildwood Inn has just brought back Denton's finest chef , Pam Chittendon (sp?), who bounces around but is definitely talented. (married to Dan of Dan's Silverleaf)

            Tacos- Esther's Panadaria on Elm . Best carne asada tacos anywhere, try the machado (beef and egg) excellent. Atmosphere? Its a taco hole!

            1. re: billywade

              Awesome post Billy! I will have to try those places out when I am in Denton next time. I will tell another fellow CH about Keiichi and see how she likes it. She is a Osaka native but has moved from southern Cal and then here. I will try it out since our sushi chef at Oishi in Lewisville left us :(

          2. Babe's in Sanger is worth the drive and if you like Cajun, Frilly's is a good choice.