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May 1, 2006 11:48 AM

San Antonio River Walk

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I am looking for some great restaraunts on or near the river walk area of San Antonio. I will be on an expense account. Steaks, seafood, ethnic, etc.. it doesn't matter, as long as its one of the best. Thanks in advance.

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  1. The best food is not on the River Walk, but if you must....

    The Original Mexican for Tex-Mex:

    For a decent mix of foods, American/Tex-Mex/Cajun fusion, try Boudro's

    For Italian, Paesano's, have a glass of wine for me.

    Go and have a great time...but if you really want great food and fantastic margaritas, go to La Fogata, off the beaten path...

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    1. re: Susan

      Hearty second for Boudro's had dinner and went back for lunch before leaving San Antonio

      1. re: Susan

        Could not agree more re: La Fogata.
        In fact I was thinking about it as I read your post. It's the only place that I have been to there that is a "must re-visit".

        1. re: Spencer
          david westerberg

          Rosario's--best Mexican food I've had in SA or Austin. Follow St. Mary's south from the RW.


        2. re: Susan

          I ate at the Original Mexican tonight based on this post and the compliments paid by my concierge. Decent margarita. I am not old enough to know what gringo Mexican food tasted like in 1950 but it pretty much fits with my imagination. What a waste of an meal in another city. If that is what authentic Tex-Mex is supposed to taste like than I feel sorry for the residents of Texas.

        3. b
          Brent Howard

          Don't know if this is technically "on the riverwalk" but Le Reve is very near the river and isn't only the best restaurant in San Antonio it is the best in Texas. I have no idea why the SA posters to this board don't tout it more often.


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          1. re: Brent Howard

            Amen! Couldn't agree more. Le Reve is undoubtedly the best restaurant in San Antonio. Other high end places there do not compare, in my opinion (The Lodge of Castle Hills, Biga on the Banks, L'etoile, etc). In fact, one of the best restaurants I've ever eaten in, easily on par with some of the best here in NYC. If you go, enjoy. Chef Weissman is a very talented chef and a nice guy as well.

            1. re: I_<3_NYC_FOOD

              The web site is nice, but makes me fear that La Reve is a little too precious.

              I've spent lots of time in SA (lived there for 4 years) and am always looking for a rest. to go to that next level. Concerned that La REve will be a bit too starched and the menu, while nice, didn't have a lot I was dying to try. Foo-foo, but not fantastic. But then again, I sadly feel I must lower my expectations for SA. Shouldn't be that way, but it is.

              So, Hounds, inspire me with tales of La Reve or other resturants in SA. This is for my business partner's 50th birthday when we will be in town for business.

              1. re: houstonhound

                I will reserve my comments on the fact that you have seemingly judged Le Reve as "precious" and "not fantastic" based on the restaurant's web site. If you want to go to the best restaurant in San Antonio and, indeed, the state, then Le Reve is your choice. The ambience is certainly conducive to fine dining but isn't too stuffy or foo foo as you suggest. Finally, far from lowering your expectations of San Antonio dining, Le Reve should do just the opposite.

                1. re: houstonhound

                  We're not much for hoity-toity either and take our food seriously...La Reve is one of the best I have EVER tried... and we have eaten in some recommended places that were all show and no go. I am just pleasantly surprised that this place IS in Texas...

              2. re: Brent Howard

                BTW, it seems to me that the reason SA posters to this board don't tout Le Reve more often is that there are clearly much fewer SA posters to this board, period, when compared to Dallas, Austin, and Houston. Not sure why that is. I wish more people in SA knew about it. I figure, there are fewer SA 'hounds, so even fewer who've been to Le Reve.

              3. Le Reve would be my first stop if I were on an expense account. I might also give Las Canarias a try. I love LR and enjoyed a great tasting menu at LC about a year ago. Boudro's has been consistently good since I started going there. They also run a nearby wine bar called Zinc where you can enjoy appetizers and have a few drinks while waiting for a table.

                I personally think the Mexican and Italian places on the Riverwalk are pretty bad, but then I don't know much about your preferences. You should scroll back through recent postings about San Antonio. Just in the past month, the general question of "what's good" in S.A. has come up several times. There's almost always discussion of places downtown and on the river.

                Enjoy your trip.

                1. Texas Land and Cattle for steak.

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                  1. re: Terry

                    I'd vote for Pesca on the Riverwalk. I had their Pan Seared Scallops and Tuna Ceviche over Xmas and would drive from Austin to San Antonio to have them again


                    1. re: Terry

                      It may be ok on the Riverwalk
                      ... but I'd go for Grey Moss Inn ... just N of town. Some of the best meat in S.A., outstanding wine list ... romantic outside under the enormous oak on a sultry evening.

                    2. Just returned from SAT and an amazing meal at Pesca on the River. We sat outside (even though it was dreadfully hot at 8 PM) and enjoyed the view as we had some of the best fish of our lives. My husband's blackened redfish and my sauteed red snapper were absolutely perfect; my mouth is actually watering as I write this! Service was very good. The passion fruit tart woke up every taste bud in my body and I was ready to beg for more (but I really was full)! The fish dishes were $28 each. With two margaritas (excellent), salads, fish, and desserts, the bill came to $114. What a great deal at a great place!