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Apr 27, 2006 12:27 AM

Phil's Ice House (AUS)

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Anyone tried Amy's Ice Creams new burger place in Austin? Somewhere around North Loop and Burnet.

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  1. Acutally, 51st-ish and Burnet. Chronicle did a mini-review of them with a pic of the mini burgers. Looked really good. May swing by this weekend.

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    1. re: amysuehere

      Had to go try them with the yummy pic posted in yesterday's paper. Be warned - this place was packed the whole time we were there.

      I got the three miniburger sample basket (good place to start), which came with a blue cheese burger, a hickory burger and a chili cheese burger and substituted o-rings for the fries/sweet potato fry combo. Order is called out over a Charlie Brownesk squak-box.

      Each burger was a bit larger than dinner roll size, but it ended up being more than enough food. The blue cheese burger came on chili cheese rolls and had a mild cheese and grilled onions. The hickory burger came with raw onions, pickles and a sweet hickory sauce, Chili-cheese came with shredded chedder and was WAY too greasy.

      It could have been that they were so busy, but all the meat patties, while obviously hand-made, were basically dry and well, boring. The breads (chili cheese and sourdough) were tasty enough, but fell apart half-way though.

      The onion rings were obviously homemade and had a wonderful, light batter with just the right mix of thick and thin.

      Would I go back on my own? Yes, if I had kids. Would I go if that's where the gang decided? Yes. I'm I personally going back? Not for the burgers, but absolutely for the ice cream.

      1. re: amysuehere

        I ate there for the first time today and was quite disappointed. I got the 78704, which was skimpy on the avocado and very heavy on the jalapenos and onions. I substituted chicken for the beef, which was a huge mistake. It was so "enthusiastically grilled" that I couldn't even bite through it. I liked the jalapeno bun, even though it was rather greasy/soggy.

        The fries (a blend of sweet potato and regular) were quite good. If I ever go back, it'll be for a shake and fries to dip in it. But I'll be skipping the sandwiches.

        1. re: bookgrrl72

          I tried Phil's several months ago and was so disappointed that I did not want to ever go back. Likewise some other Austin360 dudes.

    2. I love Phil's! I get a "build your own" burger with pickles, onions and mustard only... as rare as they can do it... it's heaven. The bread is crisp and toasty, but far from stale. The meat is flavorful and juicy. I love the fries (half and half regular potato and sweet potato) and their onion rings are great too. Not thick, good oniony flavor, not overly salty, good crunch.

      1. I like it as a neighbourhood place but for my burger fix I go to Billy's.

        For some reason everything tastes sweet at Phil's - seriously. I'm not a big fan of sweet but their burgers aren't terrible scrawny patties.

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        1. re: hooliganyouth

          I'm with you. If I'm in the area, I'm headed to Billy's. Better food and not a "chuck-e-cheese"...

        2. I don't understand what the big deal is about phil's.... I really like their bread/rolls, esp the jalapeno cheese, but seems like it would be much tastier eaten as toast, with cold cuts as a sandwich, or on the side of a roast beef dinner, not as a hamburger bun. The idea of sweet potato mixed with trad. fries is a good idea, and I for one enjoy the larger-than-usual crystals of sea salt, actually, but the fries are often soggy. It's not bad food at all, just nothing to speak of. It is quaint that they have named all the burgers after old austin neighborhoods, though. My heart will always belong to Hut's Richie Valens burger. Although...I am frightened to see what lurks behind their kitchen doors as well, lol i need to get comfortable with "divey-ness." Need to try this billy's everyone loves so much...hmmm....