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Mar 24, 2006 01:34 PM

Best Sangria in Austin/Central Texas?

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As Spring approaches and thoughts begin to turn to languorous evenings on the patio, my wife and I were pondering the following Really Important Questions:

[cue "Sangria Wine" from Jerry Jeff's Viva Terlingua album...]

1. Who has the best Sangria in Austin?

2. Who has the best combination of Sangria and a great outdoor place (atmosphere!) to augment the great company of friends and family?

3. What are the best Sangria recipes y'all know of?
(I'll post my favorite excellent Sangria recipe (from the famous Grapevine Restaurant in College Station) on my Blog and link to it here after I get it up and running later this weekend...)

4. Lastly, if the best isn't in Austin, what's the best available in a decent day trip, preferably via interestingly curvy back roads that would make for a beautiful afternoon in an old Italian GT car? Extra points if it's also (or near) a romantic place to spend the night.

O.K., have at it...

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    Seamus Mitwurst

    Boy, you asked a question no one can answer.

    I don't know where the best is. I love sangria, but the only place in town I remember drinking it is El Sol y La Luna. The sangria is ok, not great. It gets the job done and does it well. I'm not a fan of their food, so we usual are drinking it when we go to listen to music.

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    1. re: Seamus Mitwurst

      I love the sangria at Sol y Luna. It cured me after an awful tequila bender once. Anything that can save one after that is surely a gift.

      1. re: Lee Ashwood
        Seamus Mitwurst

        How could it not cure you?
        It contains red wine, fruit juice and fresh fruit.
        We all probably oughta be drinking it for breakfast!
        All the more reason to telecommute, no one can smell your breakfast on your breath.
        Personally, I prefer a good homemade sangria (though I have never understood people putting club soda in it) but I must say that I quite enjoy ESyLL's.

        So where else in town do people drink this stuff?

    2. I'd be interested in the Sangria recipe from Grapevine Restaurant.

      1. Z Tejas has Sangria. I'm not a Sangria drinker, so I can't vouch for it, but a couple people in our party seemed to like it.

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. Since the thread has been "revived" I'll throw in my two cents. I've had Sangria at two other places, Spider House and Alamo Drafthouse. At Alamo it is a little too sweet but not undrinkable. Plus, if alcohol is a grading factor, I was sufficiently intoxicated after sharing a pitcher with one other person. I usually opt for beer there but it was a nice option to have.

            Spider House has great sangria IMO. Good amount of wine, nice fruit and a high alcohol content. Have shared a pitcher there several times. If you like the slightly crunchy (granola) slightly hipster atmosphere in the air, then I think it could be a perfect place for sangria sipping. Sit under the big oak tree, catch a flick when they show movies, or order some veg friendly food to go with the bevs.