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Mar 14, 2006 04:47 PM

Dim Sum in Dallas

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Looking for good (any?) dim sum in Dallas. Previous posts from 2003 recommend Arc-En-Ciel and Maxim's, but I'm wondering if anything has opened up more recently. Thanks!

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  1. hey -

    Yeah, we go to Kirin Court. It is one block south of Beltline on the northbound access road to Central Expy., Upstairs. It used to be called Hong Kong Royale. They redecorated and it is bright and fresh and cheery. All white with red curtains and the obligitory crystal chandeliers. The food is good and variety is decent. They also have a hot food station where you can bring your card up for them to stamp and carry things back to your table. Try the noodles with sweet and spicy prok sauce. there are also very authentic things like tripe and pork blood and clams in black bean sauce. They start to get busy at 11 so we usually try to get there by 10:30 otherwise you can brave the crowds or go after 1:30.

    see you there on Sundays!

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      We are also fans of Kirin Court for Dim Sum. Nice service, tasty food, good selection. Worth the wait, even if you go at noontime.

    2. Hi, I've been to Maxim's, Arc en Ciel, and Kirin Court. In my opinion, the food at Maxim's is the best (fresh too) but the service was bad when it was busy. Some of the carts with the more traditional items (like hargow and shui mai) never even got to us because they were so busy. Kirin Court does a good job in getting a good variety of carts to you, and the food is good too. Arc en Ciel has some creative varieties, but the atmosphere is really less than desirable (cafeteria style tables and chairs with a quick table cloth thrown over, it's kind of dark in the restaurant, too).

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        David Pearlman

        Your point about the carts not reaching the table is well taken, but Maxim's will take orders for dim sum, believe it or not. So if the cart doesn't get to you, just order the stuff, and it will get to you as soon as the next batch is cooked.

        1. re: David Pearlman

          We always order from the kitchen as some of our favorites don't come on the carts (like shark fin and scallop dumplings). And when you order from the kitchen, the food arrives steamy hot! Yummy

      2. Yep you can always flag somebody down at Maxim and get what you want. Also if you live up north and don't feel like driving Lucky house 15th & Custer in Plano is pretty good. It's owned by the folks that used to have Honkong Royale.