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Jan 16, 2014 12:42 PM

Morton's bought Landry's -- and it shows

for christmas eve we made a last minute reservation, options were limited. we settled on Morton's since, despite being a chain, we always felt it was high quality. we do not feel that way any longer.

Landry's Inc., owners of Bubba Gump Shrimp, Rainforest Cafe, and Landry's Seafood, now own Morton's. the new orleans location has had some changes. first the physical -- the bar is no longer separated from the dining room, so the multiple flat screen televisions are always dancing on the side. the music was cluby/loungy instead of reserved. the service was the next noticeable change -- before dinner our server was big on telling us about the advantages of a Landry's rewards card, how we can earn points, use them at their hotels and casinos, etc. could care less. lastly, and most importantly, the food had changed -- dishes we used to really enjoy were impostors of their former selves. not really worth going into....but the apps and steaks were disappointing.

interestingly, one of the senior staff made some comments to us that Landry's doesnt seem to get what Morton's had going for it, and they arent comfortable with the changes either.

it will be our last visit. not that many of us here need much reason to stick to local options, but still the changes were quite surprising to us. in my mind Morton's was at least good for a serious steak dinner if no other options were available...but now it's no longer even an option. i wont pay top dollar and get sub-par product.

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  1. Your post got it right, but your title has it backwards: Landry's bought Morton's. That deal closed a couple of years ago. Landry's also bought McCormick & Schmick's around the same time. Landry's is one of the more successful restaurant operators out there. Doesn't mean that any of us should rush out to their restaurants, but someone is.

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    1. re: Blumie

      ah yeah, just a little lecdystic :)

      i dont doubt that theyre popular, but so is mcdonalds. im just surprised that they would buy a high-end place and then bring it down to a lower common denominator. im not a corporate cardholder, but if i were, id definitely have more reason to find an authentic premium chophouse.

      1. re: kibbles

        I have never been a fan of the "old" Morton's, and have to admit that I have always been a guest, never paying. Nothing to love, IMHO.

        As for McDonalds, I have typified Morton's as "an adult McDonalds."

        I will miss the change-over, and never know.


        1. re: Bill Hunt

          It will come as no surprise to anyone who follows this board that I am in agreement.
          We need to get together one day and show 'em what it is like..but then, we'd need to "show" and that is not right, is it?
          Ah, well a day...