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Jan 16, 2014 12:20 PM

Any specific brand ruin you for another version of the same candy?

A coworker offered me a butterscotch hard candy that is apparently very expensive and imported (blah blah) and I thought it was awful. The only butterscotch candy I will normally eat is Brach's butterscotch discs. They may not be the top of the line, but that is to what all else is measured. Sorta like after I discovered the "REAL" M&Ms not the cheap, generic buttons or Sixlets my grandma bought. I was done with her candy dish after that betrayal of trust.

Also, after having a Wilbur Bud I can't eat Hershey's kisses without gagging.

A few others:
- the good strawberry licorice with the panda on the bag, can't eat Twizzlers now
- Godiva hazelnut praline truffle, can't eat Rocher
- Russell Stover pectin jelly beans, no more Jelly Belly

I'm sure I'll think of 10 more, but that's a start. It's not always the most expensive brand, but I like what I like!

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  1. I only like twizzlers.
    Can't eat generic gummy bears, I only like haribous.
    My favourite mint chocolate is aero mint.
    I still really like turtles, no need for designer turtles.

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    1. re: DowntownJosie

      Haribo gummi bears for me as well - I like their firmer texture, other brands are too squishy.

      1. re: MirandaWright

        For me, it has to specifically be Haribo MINI bears. So hard to get here, though.

      2. re: DowntownJosie

        My husband is addicted to twizzlers. I see a little wave of sadness wash over his face whenever we buy treats at the movies and they only have Red Vines.
        Here are mine (off the top of my head, like bugablue13 I suspect I actually have like 10 of these):
        -After having Smarties in Canada and England, I can't go back to plain m&ms from the US. They just don't taste right anymore.
        -The Japanese HiChew (with the japanese writing on the label) tastes/feels quite different and better than the ones made in the US with English "HiChew" written on it. I guess it's a different formulation - why? So I just make sure I always buy them at Marukai or Mitsuwa markets.

        1. re: khh1138

          Soooo with you on the Smarties! Fortunately (or not!) they're easy to find in nyc now

        2. re: DowntownJosie

          Scary for me to say, but I was a die hard Twizzler fan for years. Ever since I can remember, actually. All other "red" licorice seemed to taste weird, plasticky,and even soapy. Don't laugh at me, but...if you have a Walgreen's at your disposal, go try their STRAWBERRY licorice. It's called "NICE" brand, in white packaging. They make a cherry as well, but the cherry is gross, try the STRAWBERRY. I can't go back to Twizzlers, and I've shared this with a few friends. They say the same thing.. better than Twizzlers. I know this sounds far fetched. I can barely believe it myself since I was such a die hard Twizzlers fan for years and years.

          1. re: gordeaux

            I used to love Twizzlers too, but they did change their formula, I think, and I hate them now (but will still eat one if offered).

        3. Newman's Own Peanut Butter Cups...makes Reese's a distant second.

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          1. re: cavandre

            For me it's justins almond butter cups..... Now reeses don't seem worth the calories

            1. re: Ttrockwood

              Trader Joe's mini peanut butter cups

              1. re: phantomdoc

                Oh! Those are tasty.

                Perfect size for baking into cookies too.

          2. The only brands I like of the following:

            Sathers red shoe string licorice
            Jelly Belly jelly beans
            See's assorted boxed chocolates

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            1. re: BobbieSue

              I never cared for jelly beans until I met a Jelly Belly. I love them!

            2. Those imported Cadbury bars make it impossible for me to pick up a regular Hershey bar. I'll take a Flake, Aero, or Walnut Whip over a Hershey bar or Milky Way any day.

              Wilbur buds are delicious... and you don't even have to unwrap them!

              1. Lindt's Intense Orange Chocolate Bar.