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Jan 16, 2014 12:19 PM

Best Chili Con Carne in Manhattan?

I'm on the Upper West Side, but, I'd go anywhere to buy a bunch of fresh, homemade Chili Con Carne and store it in my freezer.

I was getting a craving and the only place I could find was Texas Rotisserie and Grill on 2581 Broadway (at 97th). It wasn't stellar but decent.

It just occurred to me that Hill Country Barbecue is a good bet on 30 West 26th Street near the Flat Iron Bldg.

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      1. I like the chili at Walker's, but its probably not worth the price of buying a large quantity of it. I'd say spend a day making it yourself. It is really easy to make and no problem making a large quantity and storing it.

        1. If you want to make it at home there is a terrific recipe you can download on Food and Wine website. I can't stand and can't stomach certain "chill" recipes that include beans and tomatoes. This recipe is for a real Texas "bowl of red". It is beautiful and intensely flavored. It is called "Chilli with Guajillo and Ancho Chiles and Hominy".

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            Thank you for the info on the recipe link. We want to make chili for the two big NFL games tmw and we do not much have a recipe to follow. We will look to the one you mention. Chili, as a focus, does not seem so very popular in NYC. Often it is an add on, for a burger or similar. While in other places it is a dish that many restaurants take pride in and competitions for best chili abound.

          2. i like the chili at Dinosaur BBQ much more than Hill Country's.