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Jan 16, 2014 11:49 AM

spot prawns vs royal red shrimp

I have an opportunity to buy either. What are the taste differences between the two? The spot prawns are double the cost and are head on, shell on. The royal red shrimp appear to be just raw shrimp meat. I was going to use them on an entree salad for tonight's dinner.

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  1. Can't speak to the Roya Red. Here on the West Coast, spot prwans are caught in traps similar to lobster. They are sold either live, or head off. The reason is there is an enzyne in the head that turns the texture to the flesh to mush shorty after they die.

    To cook, I like to throw them on a hot grill for about 90 seconds. Don't over cook them.

    1. Also haven't had the royal red- are you on the west coast?
      If they are the large fresh spot prawns from santa barbara they're worth every penny.... Like a cross between shrimp and lobster.

      On second thought- maybe don't try them! You will want to buy them all the time! ;)

      1. I have never had the Royal Reds but they sound like they would be great from what I have read.
        A quote from a chef who uses them "amazingly sweet and incredibly tender".'

        1. Spot Prawns are West Coast. Royal Reds East Coast. Both somewhat rare, especially the royal reds. As others said, spot prawns have to be excessively fresh or live if sold head on because of the enzyme issue.

          1. Royal reds are the best shrimp you will ever put in your mouth much like a sweet lobster just don't over do them when you cook them simple cooking a little salt in your water garlic boil only until red color them serve with a little simple garlic butter and they are sweet and delicious! They are mainly found here in the gulf some months on the eastern side of Florida up to NC They are deep water shrimp