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Tortas... Go!

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I like the chain hechizerra but am sorely lacking in my torta knowledge. Where are the best?

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  1. I like the tortas at El Atoron. A terrific little sleeper, hole in the wall on Henderson at Fuqua.
    $6.50 tortas and, $1.10 tacos. Mostly Hispanic cliental with friendly English speaking staff.

    1. El Tizoncito is my go to place. If I can get myself not to order the pastor con queso alambres.


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      1. re: Jon G

        That's my favorite dish at El Tizoncito!

        1. re: twinwillow

          Inspired me to go over the weekend with the family. It's so good.

          1. re: Jon G

            I must agree!

      2. Just off the top of my head

        Tortas Las Tortugas (I believe there are now several locations)
        Dona Lencha - I would be willing to say if the taco fillings are good so are the tortas!