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Jan 16, 2014 11:06 AM

Narita to Haneda Airport 12 Hour Layover on a Sunday


I have a 12 hour layover on a Sunday. Arriving in Narita at 12:30 PM, departing out of Haneda airport at 12:30 AM. I feel like this should allow me enough time to get out and get a couple of good meals. I will have a rolling suitcase carry-on size and a backpack, which I prefer to keep on me. I've never been outside the Narita airport and don't speak Japanese, so I'm hoping for recommendations for food (hopefully one of the meals being sushi), and any photo opportunities, that I can get to easily and safely around Narita or Haneda (not looking for a lot of walking or train connections).

Any tips/ advice would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. There are coin lockers in every major (and most minor) subway and train stations, as well as clear enough signage (and helpful employees). You could, for example, go from Narita to Tokyo Station (N'Ex is now half price for tourists), leave your luggage there for $5, spend some time being completely overwhelmed, then go outside, see the station, imperial palace, ginza, etc.

    There's really no need to look for things around Narita or Haneda.

    What's your budget for food?

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      Hi thanks! Is that doable in a 12 hour layover (considering getting out of immigration/ customs at Narita, and checking in getting through security at Haneda)?

      Budget for food is probably under $20-30 for lunch and up to $50 for dinner (one person).

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        Yes, even though Narita and Haneda are very busy airports, you'll be amazed at how quickly (and quietly) you get in and out. It's entirely likely that you land at 12:30 and are on your way to tokyo by 1PM, and at Tokyo Station (or Ueno, if you prefer) before 2pm. I'll add some food ideas later, got to run now.

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          Ok 2 options for your lunch - dinner budget :
          - One :
          Lunch at sushi Otaru Masa in Ginza, with first omakase (at lunch) at 2,790.-yens. This sushi is located in the 10th flour of Pola building on the Chuo avenue of Ginza Main Street, you can take the subway Marunouchi line from Tokyo station, and exit next to Matsuya Dept store in direction Kyobashi, it is a short walk(50meters). Thenafter, you walk straight to Nihonbashi, shopping at Takashimaya Nihonbashi, and have dinner at Nihonbashi Tamai. They have a speciality of 'anago(sea eel)' on rice for under 5000yens in an old house ! Nihonbashi is 2-3 mn walk from Tokyo Station, so you will have plenty of time for walking, shopping, eating, ....
          Sushi Otaru Masa Ginza, and the outside bldg view

          Anago Tamai, Nihonbashi

          - Second choice :
          Choose a high end sushi at lunch, around 90$ and go for a ramen at diner ???

      2. Hi Laceym, I am resesarching the exact same thing and I believe we may be on the same flight!