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Jan 16, 2014 10:38 AM

Last Dinner in Vegas

Fellow hounds,
I've been coming to Las Vegas for trade shows over the last 10 years and although food is not my primary reason for being there (at least according to my boss) I have had my share of terrific meals over the years. This year's trip is likely going to be my last for a while (ever?) and I wanted to do something "special" foodwise. It would be me and a companion. 2 for dinner.

I was thinking either L'Atelier de Joel Rubichon or perhaps Jose Andres' "E".

Any thoughts on the two, or any other suggestions? I'd like to keep things under $200/person (food only) if possible, and preferably something that I could not enjoy locally (Toronto area).


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  1. E is above budget.

    Omakase at Raku or Kabuto if you're open to Japanese cuisine.

    L'atelier is a great option, as are Le Cirque and Twist (unique to Vegas).

    1. I just saw this thread in the widget and my first thought was E. It's a meal that you will not soon forget (well, if you're a fan of modernist Spanish cooking) -- almost every dish was very good, many were exceptional, and the presentations are unique and surprising. Plus the room and overall experience is really cool. Somewhat more expensive than your budget but well worth it IMO.

      I've not eaten at Joel Robuchon but some friends went and told me that they spent something like $800/pp. I'm not sure if that's typical or if they splurged on wine, supplements to the tasting, etc. They did thoroughly enjoy the meal but it didn't sound nearly as interesting to me as the experience I had at E. Much more traditional preparations and service.

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        L'Atelier is nothing special. รจ is VERY special but very expensive. Joel Robuchon is special, but again, very expensive. Twist is unique and special, at the top of your budget and probably more.

        1. re: LVI

          Oh, L'Atelier isn't the same as Joes Robuchon? My mistake - my friends definitely went to the latter.

          1. re: davis_sq_pro

            We just ate at L'Atelier on Monday night and had a fantastic 8 course ++ menu for $165. There are also shorter prix fixe menus that are less expensive. We had a great time, really enjoyed sitting at the bar and the food was great. Standouts were the white onion tart, the foie gras ravioli (which were like small foie soup dumplings!) and the quail stuffed with foie.

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              I find L'Atelier to be a very mechanical, almost cooking by numbers experience where JR is art, refined and polished. Please don't get me wrong as L'Atelier is good, just not special.

        2. You have plenty of great Japanese in Toronto, so I'd avoid Kabuto. Raku is definitely special no matter where you are from. E would be a good choice, but is far more expensive than $200 food only.

          Twist is your answer. There is NOTHING like it in Toronto.

          1. Been to both. E, as said before, is out of the budget. Great experience and a lot of food. We really, really liked Atelier two years ago. Last spring we went to Joel Robuchon and the food and service were excellent. The pricing, particularly the wine pricing, is just insane-even for LV.

            1. Thanks for all the input!
              I am still debating whether to spend the extra $ on "E"

              I am curious about twist. What makes it so unique?
              Any dishes there that are must have's?

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              1. re: kwfoodiewannabe

                It is Pierre Gagnaire, there is no one cooking like him in the world and this is his only US outpost. The menu changes seasonally, so "must have" is relative. It is the style that matters.