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Jan 16, 2014 10:28 AM

Costo Jarred Artichokes In Water- Went Mushy!

I was thrilled to find that Costco carries big jars of artichokes in water, for a great price, too (they can be quite spendy in the grocery store).
I was surprised that after about a week post opening, that they started to get a bit mushy.
A little bit at first- no big deal, but by week 3-ish, they disintegrated to the touch, so about 25% of the jar got tossed.

Any others have this experience?

btw, the artichokes are in water and citric acid.

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  1. We've been getting these from Costco for several years now, and have never had any problems except for some tough, fibrous pieces every now and then.

    1. Assume you did refrigerate.

      We go through one jar in less than three weeks; I eat plain, dipped in dressing, use in dips and cooking and breaded/fried. Then I'm artichoked out for a while...

      It's a two pack. Did both jars do the same thing?

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      1. re: Cathy

        I've yet to open the other jar. I guess I should eat them faster!
        I'm loving them on salad. I use the artichokes and Costco's hearts of palm.

      2. Mine are about 2 weeks old and just fine.

        1. I have this problem with the Costco hearts of palm. They just don't keep. Looking for a better product.

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          1. re: DODSONJIM

            Funny... I forgot to mention that I also buy the hearts of palm from Costco, and do NOT have this problem!
            Sorry to hear that. My jar has been open for at least 3 weeks, and it's still really good.
            I adore them, I mean adore them!
            I slice a heart into salads most every night that we have them, which is...most nights.
            Truth be told, it's because of the hearts of palm that I was surprised at my artichokes from Costco.
            I guess I'll just have to use my artichokes faster.
            I think I can do that!