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Recommendations on Dark Ambiance Restaurants in NYC?

My friend is a celebrity in Latin America, Even though she is not very well known by Americans from time to time she encounters Latin Fans all over NYC. So I want to take her out for dinner but dont want to expose her to meet someone asking her for autographs or anything like that.. We want a quiet night so we can catch up.I haven't seen her for about 5 years!

Can you recommend recommend a dark ambiance restaurant, maybe candle lit, not necessarily underground but possibly but out of the radar.

Note: It doesnt have to be WASPy

Thank you!

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  1. Similar conversations about a rock star friend / celebrity / model:

    Darkly lit restaurants:

    A private or semi-private room or nook might also work really well.

    "Secret" private rooms:

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      The NSA's data files are nothing compared to your CH index system. :-)

    2. I once sat a few tables away from Michael Douglas at Lincoln and no one bothered him. The restaurant is pretty dark too.

      1. This is the third time this week I've plugged The Library at the Public. Please believe that I'm not a shill. Then again, this is the third poster looking for a quiet place!

        So ... The Library at the Public has really good food, a beautiful (and dark) atmosphere, and is quiet enough to engage in relaxed conversation.

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          I've only been for drinks but I did note the lack of crowds, even on a weekend night, and nice decor/atmosphere. Our drinks were pretty good and they have a long list of housemade shrubs, which is impressive.

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            Yes, another plus is that they don't get crowded, so it's an easy last minute reservation, especially after the shows downstairs start. And I love their burger! (The first time I ate there, it was a private event at which they served the best sliders I've ever had. Unfortunately, the sliders aren't on the menu, even though I ask that they be added every time I go.)

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            This could come as one of God's gifts to a suffering people. The vital info is already written down and in my wallet. Thanks!

          3. I am not sure if Latin fans are more aggressive but i've seen a few celebrities in restaurants but no one seemed to care. besides, NYC restaurants are darker than restaurants in other parts of the World.

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              I saw a young, very famous at the time, celebrity at River Café, sitting right by the window and facing the dining room, and no one said boo. Isn't that what NYC is famous for?

            2. Minetta Tavern, Il Buco, The Breslin

                1. No one cares about celebrities in NYC dining out.

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                    Yep, business as usual, as the saying goes. If anything, your friend might be a little disappointed.

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                      A few weeks ago we were a table away from cameron diaz at the little owl- didn't see anyone approach her table or seem to even notice.....

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                        Actually, I quite a few NYC-ers who are dining out think they are the celebrities.

                        Most sit there befuddled why people aren't walking by their table to take covert selfies.

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                          I don't claim day-to-day New York living but back when I was in Manhattan often, no one cared about anyone else ever...Some people swooned over the Duke of Windsor buying socks at 346 Madison Ave but the regular customers just thought him being in the way.

                          Henri Soule made a fortune on the Celebrity Game...and Jackie O played into the hands of the chrlatans beautifully (she had the $)

                          We grew up that Fame is not perforce quality. Moreover, why would you want to annoy someone on the street, or at dinner? Leave them in peace.

                          Sorry..just the old school in its dotage.

                          1. re: hazelhurst

                            Blame it on Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, etc.

                            1. re: ipsedixit

                              You're right..goddamnit.

                              But there were Café Society photograhers before this..it just took a bit longer to set up. Now, it is all instant.

                        2. re: UES Mayor

                          I think you are wrong. I have been out with her many times and we always have people asking for autographs and Pictures even when she is in the middle of dinner. Rude.

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                            Did this happen in NYC? I just cannot imagine anyone, even a major celebrity known here in the US, being bothered at a place, for example, like EMP, Jean Georges, or anywhere, really. For one thing, I would imagine that the staff would intervene.