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Please recommend a newly published cookbood for my friend who has a large collection

I would like to get my friend a cookbook for her birthday.

My friend owns a lot of cookbooks, so she could likely have anything that is not new.

She is a very accomplished cook and entertains a lot.

Her palate is mostly American with some French influence. She likes to use butter and cream :<), likes Julia Child, is not a huge dessert lover, cooks a lot of beef, not terribly fond of fish, likes to serve more courses than some.

I think Asian and Indian are not her favorits.

I would appreciate your help! Thanks.

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  1. Suzanne Goin's (Sunday Suppers at Lucques) The A.O.C. Cookbook. It is good to cook from and to read.

    1. Have a look at the 'Top Ten' list assembled by Eat Your Books from many lists around the world. There are 'best' overall and by various categories.

      Personally I do not have a favourite book this year. From the recent ones I love Jerusalem by Ottoleghi.

      Let us know what you choose.

      1. I don't own it (yet), but I've heard and read great things about "Latin American Street Food" by Sandra Gutierrez.

        1. Many thanks to each of you.

          I look forward to researching your good suggestions when I have some leisure minutes, herby and chefjune.

          I had to make an immediate decision in order to get something delivered by Saturday, so looked at Susan Goins books.

          Although I asked for a "newly" published cookbook, I thought the Sunday Suppers might be the best. Crossed my fingers and ordered it. I think it will be well received and I thank you for the suggestion, candy.

          BTW, how do you pronounce "lucques?" Could not find a good answer.

          Thanks to all!

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            Great question; I'm looking forward to the answer. In my head, I pronounce it "loo - KESS".

            [ If your friend already has Sunday Suppers, you could trade it in for AOC. ]

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              I believe it is the French Lucques so I always say it similar to Luke's

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                The answer is "Luke", apparently:

                :: "Lucques" is a variety of French olive, pronounced "Luke" ::


              2. I quite like Anabel Longbein as a cookbook author.

                1. Not really a cookbook per se..but a gastronomic encyclopedia with recipes. "Larousse Gastronomique" is the title. I received this wonderful reference book this Christmas from my son's girlfriend..she made MAJOR brownie points--I've been just reading it most every night. It is a great gift!

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                    Ohh good suggestion.

                    Also, as a cook "newer" may not be "better" as you are racing her ability to read reviews and type in her CC# (gods bless the internets!).

                    Another cool tome many cooks would like to own would be Le Guide Culinaire by Escoffier.

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                      Right??? The Le Guide Culinaire is another great suggestion. Reference books with recipes really are great reads and help you to actually "understand" about the food you are cooking. Plus...it's just a tad out of the box when you think of an actual cookbook. Nice choice!