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Jan 16, 2014 09:24 AM

Lowell Southeast Asia fans -need help finding a dish

Back in the days of the SE Asia restaurant buffet. There were a couple dishes on the buffet labelled "blazing hot".. one of them was a ground chicken with basil dish. Some days it was painful to eat, but i loved it. Cant find it like that anywhere.. From their current website, i think it was this: Phad Prig Bai Grapao
Ground chicken with Thai basil, chili peppers, onions. A real bowl of fire!

I have had Grapao at various thai restaurants but nothing close to what the SE Asia version was..

Anyone remember this?? know a place to get such a thing?

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  1. Similan's in East Cambridge. Very spicy!

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      Do they have that dish? I dont see it on their menu..(careful their menu on their webpage sets off my virus detector but i found a copy on a different site) It's not just a question of getting any dish that is spicy. i can find lots of spicy dishes..

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        Similan's has it under their "Thai Style Dishes"

        Tl02. Kow Rad Gaprow Kai Dao choose from minced chicken or beef with thai spices and herbs over rice. served with an egg sunny-side up.

        I love spice and this dish still makes me sweat and my nose run.

    2. Its a pretty common dish - labels can vary though. Chicken Gra Pow, for example. If I remember correctly the English version is "Chicken with Holy Basil"

      1. Back in their heyday, I tried to replicate the blazing hot dishes at home. Most of the other phat prik bai grapao dishes I've seen use sliced chicken and long cut veggies. The dish I came up with was pretty close.

        BTW, the toughest to replicate was their version of nam prik ong (the blazing pork dish). I swear that early on, they had a long list of ingredients for that in the menu, but I've never been able to find a similar recipe, or make anything that comes close.

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          yea their version was finely ground, not sliced... Miss that dish.. There is a spicy Cambodian ground chicken dish with basil that i get at simply khmer that is really good but different.

        2. Khao Sarn does a good version.

          1. S&I specializes in this kind of stir fried over rice dish