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Jan 16, 2014 08:44 AM

Sheraton Breakfast, Not

LB's Bistro, down by the riverside at the Sheraton, has been a delightful place to take guests for breakfast, with its loaded chef stations and prix-fixe "eat till you pass out" Zeitgeist, and every year I have happily returned there with out-of-town guests. Yesterday I phoned to make sure they still offered this service on weekdays and the Sheraton Concierge assured me that they do. Well, they don't. We got there this morning to find the place nearly empty and no choice but a very limited a la carte menu. Having arrived by taxi and not expecting to be outdoors or walking, we were not warmly dressed to go somewhere else so we stayed. For $86 we got lukewarm eggs, soon to be ice cold, and a waiter who made comments when we requested extra butter. So, farewell to an old favorite.

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