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Sakagura- cant't miss dishes

Been looking forward to check out Sakagura for some time: any favorite or can't miss dishes; very open-minded food wise

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    1. re: Monica

      i actually think their chocolate souffle is one of the best in the city.

      1. re: sam1

        never had...now I gotta go and try it...but i am sure I will end up ordering black sesame creme brulee again. all my friends are so addicted to it too.

    2. I usually get the shikara, tongue, and a few onigiri to soak up all that sake.

      The fried items can be good too.

      1. I love the kamo and tori kara age. Have them every time.

        1. I really like the daikon salad app- it sounds overly simple but has some great flavors. The grilled eggplant with three kinds of miso is another re-order for me when i go.

          1. i'd go w/ low expectations -- it's a fun space but food and service have been mediocre/uneven every time i've been within the past 5 years...there is no dish i'd specifically recommend there...

            1. Our favorites are the tofu salad (really simple but very good fresh tofu), hirame ponzu, sanshoku nasu dengaku, and ika shiokara. We usually try to get a dessert that has the black sesame ice cream on it.

              Not fans of the jaga dango

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                I second the ika shiokara, especially if you are drinking sake or shochu

              2. I went there for lunch and they had an awesome sea urchin soba special. Is this the same sakagura in the east 40's?

                1. Maguro Tartar
                  Onsen Tamago
                  Hirame Ponzu
                  Saikoro Steak
                  crème Brule with black sesame

                  Sanma Onigiri
                  Snow Crab with steamed rice

                  1. thanks for the suggestions: will report back.