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Jan 16, 2014 08:28 AM

have itinerary, need recs on what to order

Hi hounds! I'm at the airport on my way to your lovely city (which I understand is COLD at the moment). We have an itinerary but would like to know what you suggest pursuing at each place to get the best dishes, variety, and representation of the NOLA experience. There are 2 of us, we eat anything (although I'm pregnant currently), and want good local eats. Thanks in advance! Also, any live music or activity recommendations (other than snug harbor) are appreciated as well.

Also let me know if any of these as ordered don't make sense or if you can help fill a gap. Need to add a po' boy place as well. Thanks!

lunch: perino's boiling pot
dinner: jacques'imos
after: French 75? (cocktails)

breakfast: ?
lunch: galatoire's
snack: angelo brocato
dinner: august

pre-breakfast: vietnamese farmer's market
breakfast: Dong Phuong Bakery
lunch: vietnamese - Tan Dinh?  Ba Mien?  Pho Tau Bay?
dinner: brigsten's
After: snug harbor

breakfast: cafe du monde
lunch: dookie chase
dinner: emeril's

breakfast: court of 2 sisters?

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  1. TH: crawfish @ Perino's. Not at J-Imos fan, so no recs there.
    F: who needs breakfast before a Galatoire's lunch? Go eat a doughnut at District to lay a grease foundation before the luncheon cocktails. Or cause pregnant means you can eat doughnuts whenever you damn well please.
    Sat: the Viet farmers market is earlllyyy, and mostly full of ingredients & not prepared food. The bulk of the activity is over before Dong Phuong opens at 8 am. Not much else to see or do in that area, either. DP's bakery side has no seating (hell, it barely has any room to stand), so you may be eating your cinnamon rolls and meat pies in the parking lot.

    Su: the only thing to order at Cafe du Monde is beignets. Ok, you can choose from cafe au lait, milk, juice, or water.

    M: Do not bother with the Court of Two sisters. Go to Stanley, or Clover Grill...or Verti Marte. Or live large and go to Johnny's Poboys, which opens at 8 am.

    1. Your lunch plans for Saturday? I would choose tan dinh if you don't mind driving to westbank after going to Versailles in East New Orleans. When you get there you must get the garlic butter chicken wings and pork and egg roll vermicelli is also a winner

      1. Jacques Imos has a wonderful aligator and shrimp cheesecake that you must order as an appetizer. Order the appetizer sampler at Galatoire’s. Get the gnocci at Restaurant August. That’s too much Vietnamese in one day on Saturday. Consider splitting it up. Dookie Chase’s isn’t open on Sundays. Skip the Court of Two Sisters on Monday and find someplace else to eat breakfast. (When you eat breakfast on a Monday morning, you are most likely getting Sunday’s leftovers, especially at a place like that. You are also getting the worst staff because all the heavy hitters have to work Sunday).

        1. Duck at Brigsten's is always a good bet

          1. Thanks, everyone! Any more recs appreciated. We had massive travel delays that resulted in US missing all of Thursday, but so far everything has been great.