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Jan 16, 2014 08:28 AM

Onigiri in Toronto?

After a trip to Japan, i can't stop thinking about onigiri, the ubiquitous grab & go snack. I know I could probably make my own, but that would take the fun out of it.
So...any suggestions for places to get onigiri in Toronto? Although Japanese izakayas often have them on the menu, I don't recall seeing it here, but I could be wrong.

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  1. They sell onigiri wrapped to go in the foodmarket part of J-Town

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    1. re: bytepusher

      I've definitely seen them at Sanko on Queen Street. Korean interpretations are often available near the checkout counters (with the kimbap offerings) at Korean owned food stores. Find out what day and time they come in fresh. They are much tastier when very fresh.

      1. re: 1sweetpea

        Sanko ones come in every day, I think usually around 12-1pm.

        I also get them sometimes at galleria or PAT, but they are a little different (more korean)

        I think they should be fresh every day at the korean stores also. I buy kimbap in the evening at 50% off (onigiri not discounted, but always very few left).

    2. They also sell them at T&T. However I should warn you that I had a similar craving for onigiri after a recent trip to Asia, and nothing I've found in Toronto is even close to as tasty as the stuff you can find in any convenience store in Japan or Korea. 'Tis a pale imitation, sadly. I still get the occasional craving, but I have resigned myself to the fact that I will simply have to wait until my next trip to satisfy it.

      It's weird, because it's so simple, but there you go.

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        I tried them at T&T and J-town, don't get them at T&T, they are not good, try J-town. I have seen them at H-mart and galleria, but not at Pat East.

      2. Manpuku at the Grange has a satisfying version - also available for carry out.

        As an aside, you can usually ask any Japanese-owned places to make onigiri for you on the spot - picked plums and daikon are staples in their kitchen.

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        1. re: happycamper

          Hi HC, thanks for the input. I'll try Manpuku (I'm guessing they make onigiri fresh each day or so). Also interested in your other suggestion - have you made this kind of request anywhere?


        2. You can also buy them at Taro's fish on Sheppard Ave.

          1. The ones at J-Town, Sanko, and Taro are all fairly equivalent.

            They are really easy to make though, and then you get your pick of the filling.