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Jan 16, 2014 06:42 AM

Best Marinade and Flavoring for Swordfish??

What goes best. I'm cooking a one whole and am wondering do I inject it or rub it down? flavors? also any ideas what the perfect temp to cook is?

I want to knock this out of the park as it will probably be filmed for TV.

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  1. a whole swordfish? like 7 feet long and 150+pounds? this kinda limits your cooking methods.

    please correct me if i'm mistaken.

    i don't like marinating fish like this, but DO like an assertive "sauce". i like tapenade with lots of orange zest mixed in or a version of chimichurri.

    1. Generally, I think you'd like to get the temp to max out just a little north of 130 for the best results. I typically go about 133 when cooking swordfish sous vide, if that's much help.

      Popular marinades tend to be either vaguely Mediterranean (some mixture of lemon, olive oil, fennel, parsley, garlic, salt of course, or similar spices) or Japanese (some mixture of soy, mirin, ginger, sugar, sake, green onions, sesame oil, miso, etc). The Japanese-style marinade (or any marinade with some sugar, really) can be cooked down after marination into a thickened glaze that could be brushed onto the fish while cooking.

      Whether to rub it down or inject or something else... I honestly don't know. I've never cooked a fish whole that's nearly so big. I suspect you're going to have to be careful to moderate the heat while you cook it, since it will be more prone to overcooking and drying than, say, a pig. And injecting a marinade with much citrus juice in it might be problematic in that it could mess with the texture if left there long enough.

      If I was intending to roast a whole swordfish, I'd probably start by asking you for tips, to be honest.

      1. I am told it will be head off unless I get really lucky. I have a special grill made that can cook it and even flip it if needed. This is a bad pic but it is the one on the right.